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Rom Coms Based On Zodiac Sign that Predict Your 2022

Jan 14, 2022

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It’s all about romance in 2022 according to Well, actually, the good vibes start in February, but from then on its pretty much smooth sailing with the occasional hiccups. This is a year in which we are finding our truest selves, passions while embracing our fears and desires. As a result, we will dive deep into relationships and situationships with people who see us for our beautiful selves. In return, we’ll bring unconditional love to their lives and commit to partnerships. Don’t know what to exactly expect? We found the perfect holiday rom-com that matches up with your zodiac sign’s love language and romance horoscope for 2022. You’re welcome.


Christmas Flow (Netflix)

If there is anyone who can make a relationship work despite the differences that exist between the two of both — it’s you. You don’t give up in the face of relationship adversity or difficulty. TBH, it makes you want to work harder for affection. Plus, you love working through challenges in romance. Anything that is easy and not full of passion isn’t for you.


Nothing Like The Holidays (Tubi)

You’re never one to give up easily on existing and budding partnerships, which is why Nothing Like The Holidays will undoubtedly inspire you to work hard on maintaining and evolving relationships. If there are issues, you’re gonna want to work towards making them right in 2022. After all, love is an investment of time and energy that you want to use wisely to your benefit.


The Princess Switch (Netflix)

2021 called for you to reevaluate your dating style and to up the ante on the type of commitment and relationship you’re longing for. 2022 will bring in prospects who fit the bill of the kind of partner and connection that you are looking for, as long as you’re open to people who bring intellectual stimulation and challenge you (ie: someone who you banter with).


Single All the Way (Netflix)

There is nothing more frustrating when your family plays matchmaker and meddles in your love life — even if they have the greatest intentions at heart and know who’s right for you. But this time, let them be the best judge of character for the type of honey you attract in your dating pool. After all, they know you better than anyone and want you to be happy.


The Holiday (Hulu)

If you’ve been let down by past heartbreak, it’s time for you to try a fresh approach to dating. Instead of jumping into a new relationship right away, give yourself a minute to know your crush better. Take a note from Ananda and Iris who decide to be the main characters in their own story — something that you need when it comes to love.


Love Hard (Netflix)

You can be super picky when it comes to the people that you date and it doesn’t leave room for those who are actually a perfect match for you — at least not in your neighborhood. Be open to dating outside the comfort zone of your zip code, like Natalie does after her coworker urges her to have a broader net to finding true love.


A Sugar & Spice Holiday (Vudu)

You are known to crush a lot but are totally down to commit when you find the person who makes your heart sing with glee. Now is the time to give your all to another, a sentiment which you are down for (being that you are a lover of love). Get deep with your partner by jumping into the wild and intoxicating sea of love.


Boomerang (Pluto TV)

The heat and passion intensify in this rom-com that has a few love triangles at the center of the plot. Look at this flick for advice on how to navigate through the triangular relationship that is brewing in your love life this coming year to help you decide who you truly want to date or commit to. The movie will help you choose wisely.


Love, Guaranteed (Netflix)

Your optimistic vibe means that you are always open to going on dates and taking a gamble on love — even if that means going on 986 bad online dates, like Nick. You’ll have to kiss a few frogs before you find the person who’s your perfect match. Don’t despair, Sag! Keep a positive mindset because true love is coming in spring 2022. Be patient!


A New York Christmas Wedding (Netflix)

Jennifer and Gabby had a falling out and years later, Jennifer realizes that Gabby is the one who got away. Your reflective nature will relate to the desire to change and fix the past in order to live your best life in the present. More importantly, this movie will teach you the importance of seizing tender moments in 2022. Don’t let love pass you by.


When Harry Met Sally (Hulu)

You’re known as the social butterfly of the zodiac, which is why you may find romance that stems from a long-term friendship. Be open to the possibility of elevating a relationship to a deeper connection. Friends can become lovers in 2022. Just don’t wait months to actualize and realize your feelings, like Harry and Sally — take action immediately when you sense the chemistry.


While You Were Sleeping (Disney+)

You have a very specific vision of love. The only problem is that your IRL dating life doesn't align with the idealized version of romance that’s in your head — like this film’s heroine, Lucy. Keep an open mind and don’t be willful about the future of your love life. It’s in the process of unfolding. Who you fall in love with may surprise you.

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