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Repeating Number 1155 - What Does it Mean?

Mar 31, 2024

Angel number 1155 is sent to reassure you that your angels are close, guiding you, and helping you to navigate a major change that is heading your way, or has already entered your life.

Typically, the change which is implied by repeating number 1155 is going to be to do with your personal life and how you perceive yourself.

This isn’t anything for you to worry about, it is most likely that there is a situation / relationship that has made you feel a bit suffocated of late. Your angels are therefore sending their support and telling you that this situation is concluding and are asking you to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook.

Seeing numbers is a way your angels use to communicate with you. Your angels are sending repeating number 1155, as a way of asking you to keep your thoughts and actions positive, because if you think in a negative way, nothing good will be able to manifest around you right now. Your angels therefore say remain confident and hopeful, and soon your life will fill with merriment and cheer, and when it does you will start to see better outcomes and relationships manifesting for you. Your angels remind you that your happiness is in your own hands and ask that you motivate yourself to keep your mind filled with positive thoughts, because this will attract positive energy your way!

Seeing numbers 1155 can also be sent as a message for you, saying not to fear change, and asks you to try and look at change as a chance to experience something new. Your angels say see this as an opportunity to grow and learn, and they assure you of their assistance. Your angels remind you to be flexible and accept all the changes that will happen.

Angel number 1155 is the combination of number 1 which appears twice, magnifying its energies, and the number 5 also appearing twice which enhances itsimpact.

Angel number 1 is a very powerful number, that will normally be an indication of new beginnings, awareness, insight, and intuition. This number also symbolizes inspiration, creativity, strength, motivation, tenacity, drive, positivity, and success. It reminds you that you create your realitywith your thoughts, beliefs and actions and thus encourages you to be steadfast and brave while you move forward towards a ‘new beginning’ with courage.

Angel number 5 symbolizes change, flexibility, adaptability, and freedom. It means that you must be able to adapt to any changes that are going to take place in your life.

Repeating Numbers

In repeating number 1155 both the numbers 1 and 5 appear twice, because of this we also need to look at the angel numbers 11 and 55 as well. The Angel number 11 is a ‘Mater Number’ that shows enlightenment and is generally associated with someone that displays an optimistic attitude and will normally be a positive thinker. Angel number 55 is telling you to be more flexible and to always focus your attention on the future.

Seeing numbers 1155 can also have an association to the angel number 3. This is the sum of numbers 1+1+5+5=12, then 1+2=3. Meaning the number 3 may also have an importance to you, and speaks about creative energy, growth, and spontaneity.

This repeating number has been sent to you, asking that you consider and stick with your beliefs, principles, values, moralities, and opinions, and ask that you avoid letting others deter or hinder you in any way once you have made your finalchoice ordecision.

Seeing numbers 1155 is sent as an indication to you that the time is right for you to take on and accept a new challenge, an opportunity, a new venture, project, or maybe even a new direction. A happy outcome and result will follow, so your angels say stay positive, and act positively.

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