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Psychic Power Crystals that Enhance Your Spiritual Connection

Feb 27, 2024

There are several psychic power crystals that can help you connect with your spirit guides. However, possibly the most effective is through meditation with powerful crystals.

If you want to connect with your spirit guide using psychic power crystals it is important that you know which ones will work best, because not all of the most powerful crystals can do this, there are a few that are more intense than others.

A crystal powerhouse can help awaken your spiritual awareness and make communicating with your spirit guide easier.

Possibly the number one Crystal Powerhouse is Labradorite

Crystal powerhouse Labradorite is exceptionally good for opening and strengthening your intuition and will help you connect with your spirit guides.

Powerful crystals like Labradorite are useful if you’ve lost your way a bit in life, by helping to reveal where you belong, and how to get there.

Crystal powerhouse Labradorite is also known as a stone of transformation because it helps clear and open the Throat Chakra, letting you communicate your truth effectively and with ease. This will in turn help you to move along your life path by getting past any obstacles that may be blocking your progress.

Psychic Power Crystal - Celestite

Crystal powerhouse Celestite is one of the best healing crystals, that is thought to dissolve pain and bring you hope, optimism, and love. Crystal powerhouse Celestite is also great for establishing a connection to the Angelic Realms. It can help you link with your inner guardian angels preparing you for your spiritual journey.

Crystal powerhouse Selenite

“Is a powerful conductor of light and energy and can be used to amplify the effects of other crystals.”
Selenite is one of a few healing crystals that I consider has a “superpower” because it is possibly one of the best crystals for spirit guide connections. The vibration of crystal powerhouse selenite will also help to bring clarity of mind and help release blockages and negativity.

Psychic Power Crystal Moonstone

Powerful crystals such as Moonstone heighten intuitiveness and are very helpful tools for those using tarot cards, runes, pendulums, or crystal balls. It is also good for aligning the sacral chakra. It also has a calming effect, which can help reduce anxiety.

Healing Crystals - Kyanite

It is especially good in helping you form a connection to your spirit guides and can increase the ability of mental telepathy. It is recommended as one of the best healing crystals for things such as healthy lifestyle promotion. It will also help the user to channel psychic abilities and intuition.

Crystal Powerhouse Amethyst

Amethyst is possibly one of the most popular and powerful crystals that can be used for developing spiritual awareness and opening intuition. If you’re trying to develop clairvoyance or clairaudience, Amethyst is recommended.

Psychic and Crystal Powerhouse Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli helps to enhance and develop intuition and clairvoyance. It is possibly one of the best stones to use if you want to deepen your connection to ‘self’. Crystal powerhouse Lapis works directly through the throat chakra to heighten extrasensory perception.

Healing Crystals – Shattuckite ‘The Stone of Truth’

The ‘stone of truth’ stimulates both mental and intuitive abilities. Shattuckite is a very helpful tool for those who study astrology, tarot, or runes. There are of cause many healing crystals out there, but stones such as Shattuckite are great when you want to enhance your inner strength and general well-being.

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