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Psychic Power Crystal - Carnelian

Feb 28, 2024

Psychic Power Crystal - Carnelian

Also known as the ‘bloodstone’ other common names for Carnelian are: Cairnelian, Cornelian, Carnelian Agate, and Sardonyx.
Carnelian comes from the Latin word “carneus” meaning “flesh” or “yellowish red”, which means bold energy and stimulation of the spirit.

Crystal powerhouse Carnelian (also spelled cornelian) is formed when magma the earth makes its way to the surface, and cools, this forms igneous rock. It is a member of the chalcedony family.
It is a brownish-red mineral which contains silica and impurities of iron oxide, it is commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. It is a translucent to opaque variety of quartz that is usually red, orange, brown, pink and shades of red.

Psychic Power Crystal Carnelian - History

The Romans used powerful crystals like carnelian to create a seal ring on letters and important documents, because hot wax would not stick to it. Carnelian could be pressed into hot wax and blobbed onto the letters and documents.
It is said be to a stabilizing stone, Egyptian and Sumerian craftsmen to make jewellery. Warriors in ancient times would wear carnelian around their necks for courage and power to help them defeat their enemies.

The ancient Egyptians believed it caught and reflected the heat of the sun into the wearer and so called it the "Sunset Stone".
Many ancient cultures used healing crystals like Carnelian as a tool, believing it was an invigorator for the blood. It was also used to help skin diseases and nosebleeds.

Healing Crystals - Carnelian Uses and Properties

Crystal powerhouse Carnelian is often used to help promote self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, and a healthy self-image, especially after a setback. It is thought to help the wearer be more outgoing and sociable.
It can help combat fatigue and alleviate stress, fear, depression, and anxiety, by helping you to see a way forward, and overcome negativity.
It can help prevent lethargy by increasing energy levels, vitality, and motivation. It is said to help improve concentration, creativity, and critical thinking. It can also boost confidence, self-esteem, and passion.

Powerful crystals like Carnelian are great for restoring the body’s natural balance, and natural healing abilities. These great healing crystals are good for ailments of the skin, blood, liver, spleen, lungs, digestive system, stomach, and adrenal glands. It can also be used in the treatment of kidney and bladder disease.
Used to help healing of the heart chakra and boost the immune system.
Crystal powerhouse Carnelian is said to improve mental alertness and abilities and is even said to enhance intelligence. It is also useful as a motivator, especially for those that lack motivation!

Psychic Power Crystal Carnelian for the Spirit

Carnelian is connected to the root chakra, and has a grounding effect on the physical body, and helps with spiritual growth. It is great for boosting willpower and awareness and for connecting the mind and body.
Psychic power crystal Carnelian will help you tune-in to yourself, allowing you to listen to your body and what it’s telling you, thus allowing your intuition to blossom and grow.
Using crystal powerhouse carnelian can help increase your intuitive flashes which you may experience as gut feelings and or goosebumps.

Carnelian is an excellent stone to promote balance, therefore is you are experiencing an emotional blockage, which is blocking your spiritual growth using carnelian can help clear it.
Carnelian is very effective in helping you to release karmic baggage, helps with change and cycle breaking.
Being linked with the root chakra and the lower chakras, Carnelian can help unlocking your inner courage, confidence, self-assurance, belief, and creativity.

Carnelian is useful in meditation helping you to form a deeper connection with your sense of self and the universe. While also helping you to focus and concentrate, which can be challenging for some people during meditation.
It can be used in meditation to seek spiritual guidance from the source of knowledge within.

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