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Power Totem Animal the Hedgehog

Sep 22, 2023

If you have the hedgehog as your power animal totemthen chances are you know how to take great care of yourself.

The hedgehog is sometimes mistaken for the porcupine or groundhog. They are to be found in Europe, Asia and Africa and have been important since ancient times.

In-fact it was reported that a toy hedgehog had been found in the grave of a child from the Bronze Age (approx. 3,000 years ago). The hedgehog was symbolic or re-incarnation to the ancient Egyptians.

Some believe that the hedgehog is the wisest of all animals and had assisted God in creation and in return was given its coat of needles.

The ancient Romans believed that the hedgehog could forecast the start of spring. In Celtic lore the hedgehog is symbolic of rejuvenation and spring.

The hedgehog has an oval shaped body and is very low to the ground typically brown in colour it is related to the mole and shrew family. The hedgehog has around 7,000 quills which it does not shed unlike the porcupine; its quills are also harder and sharper than those of the porcupine.

Hedgehog is a solitary nocturnal animal that lives in a burrow, hibernating in winter. Although the hedgehog is a nocturnal animal in some Asian and Middle Eastern cultures it is connected to the vitality of the sun.

Typically animals of the night like the hedgehog are associated with intuition, psychic ability, prophetic dreams and visions. They have the ability to see what is hidden! The hedgehog is symbolic of "second sight."

The hedgehog is also believed in many Native European tribes to be an important carrier of the Life Force and to possess spiritual powers because of its natural resistance to snake venom, it is seen as a symbol of ‘victory over evil’. This quality is also asign of resurrection, life after death, or defeating death completely.

Shamans and other healers will find Hedgehog a strong totem power animal when powerful healing is needed.
Hedgehog reacts to threat by rolling into a ball exposing its quills to protect its vulnerable under-parts; with the hedgehog totem power animal beside you, you too probably have the power to defend yourself against negativity. Typically when hedgehog is in a relaxed state the quills lie flat against its body.

The hedgehog's ability to curl up in to the fetal position brings the message of centring, and linking with the source.

The message here is with the hedgehog totem power animal beside you, the odds are you will always land on your feet and go through challenges with the same calm practicality that the hedgehog displays.
However, it can also imply when you have the animal power totem Hedgehog that you need to learn how to respond to attack and threatening situations whether they’re verbal or physical.
Hedgehog has a unique behaviour called, self-anointing, it does this when it has come across a new smell or taste, it produces frothy saliva then using its tongue it spreads the foam onto its quills.

The message for you here when you have the animal power totem hedgehog is to perform a self-blessing ritual using special anointing oils for your empowerment and healing.

Power totem animal the Hedgehog teaches when to act with tenacity and strength in order to get things done.
Hedgehogs have amazing energy and stamina and are reported to be able to run at around four and a half miles per hour, they are also able to climb steep walls, trees, and fences and can swim. Its stamina further confirms the Hedgehog a strong totem power animal with healing abilities.

If you have the hedgehog as your power animal totem, try connecting to its deeper meaning to help restore your own power supply. It can help you balance your emotions as well as give you wisdom during your work and play time.

When you have the animal power totem Hedgehog ask yourself some important questions such as are you taking advantage of opportunities that can bring happiness? Or are you allowing others to bring you down, this little creature can help you be more confident.

Power totem animal the Hedgehog teaches that even if you feel others don’t understand you it is no excuse to just curl up and hide! Therefore be yourself and stop taking things so personally, if those around you aren’t able to see what your intentions are don’t worry there capacity to understand you comes from their own reality and where they are themselves.

The hedgehog is symbolic of fertility as it is close to the ground Mother Earth, this close proximity is a connection to earth and all that is fertile.

If you have the hedgehog as your power animal totem then chances are you have a good connection to Mother Earth, and probably enjoy being outdoors in the garden. You may even have a good understanding of weather patterns and know when it is going to rain,

Power totem animal the Hedgehog teaches you how to be gentle yet protective of yourself at all times.
Hedgehog talisman includes Serpentine and Artistic Jasper.

The hedgehog can appear for you as a power totem at times when you are feeling alone, when those around you are misunderstanding you. It can also denote that you are misunderstanding someone close and need to be a bit more compassionate and understanding.

The hedgehog can appear for you as a power totem at times when your natural curiosity is heightened. Be less defensive and serious, lighten up and have more fun.

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