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Pisces Birthstones: Their Meanings & Use

Feb 25, 2022

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What is the Pisces Birthstone?

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. The Pisces birthstone is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a blue gemstone with the healing properties of emotional clarity. Those born between February 19th and March 20th are Pisceans. Pisces has the ruling planet of Neptune and the element of water. The symbol of Pisces is the fish.

The Embodiment of Tolerance and Wisdom

Like a silvery shimmer of a flitting fish, Pisces know how to go with the flow and do a deep dive into their emotions. The water signs are one of the easiest going in the zodiac pack. Fluid, adaptable, and with a sweet sense of intuition, the zodiac sign of Pisces are well equipped to have wonderful relationships in life. Pisces is a zodiac that shares the ruling planet of Neptune. The deity of the sea in ancient Mythology could withstand great pressure and just like the vast and swirling ocean, it is linked to imagination, artistry, music, and dreams.

Pisceans are gentle creatures who hold great emotion and empathy in their hearts. They are romantic and mystical and they love a touch of pleasure and indulgence. They are also super imaginative beings and get lost in the folds of a fabulous story, even if sometimes this mythmaking lifts them up and out of reality. This gentle nature means that Pisceans are tolerant and have true care for those in their life. With true care and an abundance of emotion, there can come a sensitivity and at times even a feeling of overwhelm. At times, Pisceans can let the weight of emotion build too high and it can lead to heaviness of heart or a tendency for sadness. There’s also a slight sense of martyrdom or getting stuck or lost in victimhood that sometimes makes Pisceans lose sight of their own inner strength and personal courage.

Pisceans need healing stones and zodiac crystals that nurture this sense of strength, encourage them to use their voice fearlessly and to impose healthy boundaries so certain characters don’t overstep the mark. Water stones, blue stones, and stones that balance a glorious sense of grounding with divine mysticism, if you want to know which stones are best suited to Pisceans keep on reading.

Pisces Gemstones

Pisces are ever ready to embrace the potent power of healing gemstones as they are divinely in touch with their own spiritual essence or else they just need a little nudge in that direction. As emotional led creatures, the Pisces star sign is connected to intuition and inner wisdom, sometimes they just need a stone to strengthen that tie. This gentle and nurturing sign could benefit from stones that help them to stand taller in their own power. Pisceans would do well to work on unblocking their throat chakra so they are able to communicate their own truth and stand up for themselves without fearing the consequence of conflict or getting too wrapped up in the needs of others. They can also benefit from stones that work on the base chakras and keep them grounded. Being in flow is a fabulous thing but the fish symbol needs to be careful not to get washed away. Check out these stones that have been carefully chosen because they match the Pisces zodiac sign…


A gemstone soaked in ancient Greek mythology and magic, Aquamarine is the perfect March birthstone as it all about embracing the sweet flow and surge of the water element. Ever cool-headed, the Aquamarine gemstone encourages that shapeshifting element of the Pisces to move fluidly through life rather than becoming stagnant and stuck. It also tempers mood swings and strengthens the throat chakra, ensuring that Pisceans don’t shrink away from letting their voice be heard. Find out more about the meaning of Aquamarine.


The February birthstone is one of the most spiritual stones in the pack for Pisceans who want to awaken the crown chakra and connect with their higher purpose. Being an already incredibly empathetic soul and sensitive to boot, Pisceans are well established to connect with their spiritual side and Amethyst can certainly help to nurture that relationship. As Amethyst is also a stone of significant calming and healing energy, it can also help bring the soothing touch to Pisceans who feel lost in the waves of overwhelm and anxiety. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.


Red Jasper is one of those joyful healing crystals that instantly gets to work on your base chakras ensuring that you stay solid and grounded. As Pisceans are forever floating away or seemingly carried by water, sometimes they need earthlier or fire stones to bring grounding and passion and to keep them thoroughly connected with their own sense of self. Red Jasper also has strong protective powers which help to keep all those trusting Pisces safe from any situations where people may try to take advantage of their sweet and sublime nature. Find out more about the meaning of Red Jasper.


A regal stone that glows with warmth, the Ruby is a lucky stone for all Pisces out there. Being a stone of fire it beautifully balances out the water element by ensuring that they have all that they need to inject a little fiery zest when it is set to serve them well. The Ruby also works by bringing the heart into balance and injecting a heady dose of self-confidence where it is needed the most.


Ever the lucky stone in the pack, Jade shimmers with its shades of green and is a highly generous spirit stone. Connected to the heart chakra, it greatly complements the Piscean trait of loving abundance and opening to trust. It is a precious gemstone that brings prosperity, health, harmony, and also a sense of unrivalled joy to lift the spirit of the serious Piscean right up. Jade also invites you to let go of any people-pleasing habits you may hold in your heart and to stand strong on your own two feet. Find out more about the meaning of Jade.


The warrior stone ensures that the fine-flowing Piscean finds their inner power and is better equipped to stand up for themselves in life. As mentioned, sometimes Pisces people can be locked into the idea of victimhood and they can cling to stories and bad moments that have happened throughout their past. The Bloodstone brings strength and inner stature to help people move beyond the confines of the past and to map out a new path into a future where they are the warrior. It also helps to keep the dreamy Pisces grounded in the here and now. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.

Lapis Lazuli

The spiritual mysticism of Lapis Lazuli is an amazing match for those Pisces who are ever in touch with their own sense of spirituality. A stone known for its connection to the third eye chakra, Lapis will enhance your wisdom and deepen intuition. One of the other strengths that Lapis is set to share is its connection to the voice and the throat chakra. As Pisces may sometimes struggle to speak their mind or feel like they have been heard, Lapis Lazuli can tap into that inner voice and invite it to rise to the surface without fear of judgement. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.


Fresh and bright, Fluorite is another healing stone that boasts a harmonic connection with the spiritual realm. For those who want a stone that matches that supreme flow, Fluorite is here to invite you to into the ebb. Rainbow Fluorite takes its name from the word Flux which intrinsically matches the easygoing water energy that is sure to carry you to new places and plunge you into healing. For those who sometimes get stuck in catastrophe thinking, Fluorite pulls the plug on negative thought patterns and instead invites peaceful prosperity and flexibility that doesn’t compromise your own needs. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

How to Use the Stones

Birthstone jewelry is one of the best ways to utilize the healing potent powers of these Pisces stones. There’s a unique sense of direct healing that comes when you have birthstones in direct contact with your skin. The high vibrations of the stones are able to thrum right through the body and go directly to where they are needed, whether that be running right down to the root chakras or connecting with the throat chakra. There are other ways you can work with gemstones other than being a wearer. Whether you sit with a crystal sphere, turn a worry stone in the palm of your hand, or carry an amulet or talisman with you wherever you go – being in the presence of these Pisces birthstones keeps you finetuned and focused on living in the fullest light of your being.

How to Cleanse Stones and Jewelry

One of the important things to remember about gemstone jewelry and zodiac stones is these energy-driven crystals should be kept cleansed and charged so they do can commit to the best of their deep healing work. When we talk about crystal healing we don’t just mean scrubbing any physical stains but also getting to work on the emotional cleansing too. Energy gemstones do big work and mopping up negative energy can be heavy lifting. By cleansing the stones you are also helping to discharge any stacked-up energy that can be preventing the stone from hitting the height of its healing powers. Keeping your precious stones cleansed is super easy and most crystals can be held for a few moments under a tepid flow of water. For those more delicate quartz style crystals, you can smudge with sage. If you want to recharge your crystals then leaving them in the presence of tumbled quartz stones, a slant of moonlight, or even in earthly rich soil can all bring an energetic bloom.

Final thoughts on Pisces Birthstones

Soft and gentle and as curious and calm as a gently moving fish, Pisces are a gorgeous zodiac sign that has so much love to give. With big hearts can come the chance to be bruised a little easier, so this sign should aim to build up their inner strength and resilience and let their beautiful voices sing out and be heard.

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