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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Spiritual Insights, March 2016

Feb 29, 2016

"Time after time"

March 2016 comes on the heels of a February leap year. So from day one to the end of one of our longer months of the year, March maintains and infuses us with the strong energies and influence this year has promised to deliver. Our universal message and lesson is centered on the theme of "carry on" or the continuation of all positive creations, both literal and spiritual that was or has been indulged since the first of this year. Although there seems to be the slightest feeling of being a bit "rushed" this collective energy is intended to induce our focus into the now and with a set course straight for the future. Just as the "ides of March" (the strong northerly winds that carry seed, pod and transport many towards spring blossoms) are forceful and persistent, so is the lesson or potential for riding the month high above the past and strongly into the future. It is a month filled with the potential for love, abundance and prosperity for those that are able to stay ahead and keep pace. The warnings or possible pitfalls or obstacles lie within our own strength and inner spiritual compass, once lost we almost never seem to catch up during this March as all things seem to relay the message, "time after time".

Although February led this path to triumph urging us to "not look back"; the universal lesson for March is not only reiterating and reinforcing the energies of last month but with the added bonus of virtual rewards, again both intrinsic and external.

1) Love and relationships; towards the end of March many locations enter spring via our well established calendar or tide and turn. While some areas or Countries are in or entering the opposite seasonal changes, love, romance and relationships are abundant and easily found. Whether spring or winter (spring being the symbolic season of new beginnings and rebirth) love answers not to the clock nor calendar but to the heart and the unrelenting desire humans celebrate in their search for companionship, partners and soul mates. March seems to offer surprises around every corner with an exceptionally potential of random (or perhaps destined) meetings in the most unusual of circumstances. For those already paired or united, March's strong and positive influence bodes well for the ability to finally release past grudges or blocks and any new challenges seem almost effortlessly overcome. Social media venues, whether general or specific towards meeting a romantic partner seem to buzz with invitations, gatherings and in general just lucky or seemingly lucky matches. For those that have contemplated joining or becoming involved in new groups, forums or hobbies, March is the time to follow through and those willing to take risks will have little if any regrets. Friendships grow, families seem more appreciative and human-human encounters appear almost idyllic and filled with harmony and happiness. We are warned to guard against over analyzing, holding out or hesitation as March IS an action month and it is within that action that good things arise.

2) Weather patterns and forecasts; in general the majority or globally we see more of a pattern in reference to the more expected patterns. However prepare as always for those unexpected and unprecedented shifts as we are shown several fairly significant events will occur. For March the chance switches or "rollbacks" seem to be totally out of season and storms or weather patterns will be from all sides; land, sky sea and earth. While mass destruction or devastation seems unlikely, the relevance to our universal and collective lesson is the ability to move on. So rather than living with or within a short or brief stray from the "norm" focus must be shifted to the future and the assurance or certainty that nature will reset on its own and back to the expected form or patterns.
3) Economy, careers and real estate; we can almost hear the whispering, "time after time" as the economy remains strong with unlimited abundance and opportunity to those in direct pursuit. All that have and continue to remain steadfast in their "march" to acquire or maintain their true path and self via career will find plenty of rewards and unexpected developments that arise out of solid intention and deliberate manifestation. Although the real estate market remains fairly stable, we do need to prepare for growth which while positive in most aspects does carry the potential for driving costs up. Those that have postponed selling and especially purchases due to fear or perceived fears and risks may find that some if not most opportunities have slipped past. The house that was offered for example at two hundred grand now is up significantly. This appears to transition about mid-way through, so it's not too late to again take action or cultivate the desire into the plan before the gain turns to a loss. While overall our economy remains strong, we will be entering into a slow but steady trickle that raises prices and so all that has been considered or contemplated needs to be wrapped up the first half of March for the most or best results of success.

3) Politics, government and media; as my guides have shared about 2016 in general, all humans are being pulled into the energy of the "collective good" and the support and light of Divine. In the US the upcoming election seems to be an ever present and almost aggressive influence. As we move into March even the candidates or current officials will begin to follow in February's footsteps with a softer approach and those "still standing" will find it difficult to slander and smear; instead we witness true accountability and for those that remain a true and genuine intention to serve the greater good. Impractical or even dangerous leaders will find obstacles or barriers and the "people" the collective that lies under will be the ones to rise and take action. March has power but it will not allow such to be wielded for any purpose but that of the greater good. The media continues to show a rather surprising yet positive shift as reporting takes a more general approach, leaving behind the motivation of greed at any cost and replaced by a sense of unity and more factual reporting.

4) Security and global unity; although significant threats still exist and we are likely to witness some destruction or chaos as a result. There will be a silver lining. Although damage seems inevitable the result leads us closer to the chase and in capture of those that have grown in power and intention, allowing for perhaps the first time since its inception a trail that can and will be followed. There is also the benefit of unification as we have already experienced. The majority will compromise to work together and those that remain on the outside or refuse compliance will find their hold or threats eventually are both physically and spiritually stripped. Those seeking power or control only for the sake of such will be surrounded and forced to "lie down" in the face of the greatness of the light.

March becomes synonymous with change, but in the sense of following through on what already existed. The key to advancing our path and potential is to expand all that we can create or allow for expansion and creation of all that can, will and should be. This means letting go of the past and even a continued "march" forward so that yesterday is left behind while tomorrow (the future) is embraced as we continue to embrace with gratitude all that is and that can be.

Time after time, we will be given the chance to reach higher and for those that do, like a piñata of life, opportunity, balance, joy and happiness abounds. ~

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