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Angel Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight

Feb 22, 2016


The angel represented here is Zagzagel (angel of wisdom.)

There are times when it is necessary to withdraw from the world in order to rest or view things from a different perspective. Withdrawing does not mean you must give up on things. It's simply a period for you to temporarily disengage from a situation. This respite allows you the time you need to gain clarity over a situation, using your inner wisdom to discern all the facts.

The angel here knows that you are going through a tough situation right now. He wants you to go within yourself right now to figure out your next step so to speak. He knows this isn't a good situation for you and wants you to get out of it. When the world overwhelms you you need to step back and disengage to gain your clarity you need. Make sure to use your inner wisdom to gather and discern ALL the facts to make your picture clear on what is needed to come to the conclusion that is needed for you and your situation!

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