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Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial

Jan 18, 2016

This is one of those weeks where there’s no planetary movement of planets into new signs - just another week. However, we can look at what the planets are doing to each other in the skies right now!

We have a couple of interesting developments - Pluto and Mercury are right next to each other right now. That creates an interesting issue with communication; there is every necessity to make sure that all communications - whether or not its with other people, or yourself - are as deep and profound as possible. It won’t be the kind of thing that a surface explanation will work - this means digging down into the real why’s as to what is happening. Chances are there are mental stresses going on right now that are biting at your heels, that keep showing up. Those stresses will usually take you back into time, where and earlier/similar incidents have played out. If one does the work right, going back to the earliest time can help, because they usually keep repeating themselves until you figure it out. Can you imagine wiping out an entire thread in your head that has plagued you for many years? Especially one that is destructive and self-abnegating. Take advantage of these two planets together - you might be able to get down to the real reasons why something is persisting in your life.

Moon and Mars together in Scorpio. This can also be a reflection, somewhat, of the previous issue mentioned. The Moon in Scorpio is an intense 2-1/2 days of feelings. This moon can have you looking at co-dependency with other people. Frankly, its not my favorite moon sign, because of the sort of fatalistic feeling that goes along with it, but it is valuable, because of the real issues of telling yourself the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Mars is dynamic and combative, so these two combined can really bring up hurt feelings, and probably combatting over them. If you look at PLuto/Mercury, and Moon/Mars - these two planetary items can really get you down deep into your issues, and you can solve them fairly quickly (that would be important with the Moon’s moving fast; the next six or so hours, will be important).

Jupiter continuing its journey with the north node. These times certainly indicate that whatever you’re doing that demands great accuracy and detail, and you do it very well - you’ll be rewarded. These two are moving together throughout the month of February, so we can expect a lot of movement intellectually and physically. A metaphysical group I go to have been talking about amazing transformations and healings that are happening right now. I expect that is Jupiter; Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and promotes openness of mind. The north node is the way we’re heading, so I see these next couple of months as being very promising!

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