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Natalie Talks Live with Author Sue Schneider

Nov 10, 2023

BLOG TALK Starz Psychics Network Radio Natalie Sist Talks Live on Air to Sue Schneider, Ph.D, medical anthropologist, with a deep passion for understanding how diverse cultures pursue health and healing, both individually and collectively. She has worked in university settings for over 20 years implementing and evaluating community health programs, most currently as Extension Professor and State Health Specialist with Colorado State University. She is also a Duke-certified Integrative Health Coach and Certified Mindfulness Instructor who has taught thousands of students over the last decade how to access and cultivate the inner tools of mindfulness and compassion.

She has a private coaching practice in Fort Collins, CO where she works with individuals seeking mindful change and mentors students training for careers in coaching. She translates her 20 years of study and practice and 10 years of teaching mindfulness into Meeting the Moment with Kindness, a practical book for students of all ages and life situations. She urges us to tend our inner landscape – our bodies, hearts and minds – with curiosity and compassion as we navigate the many challenges of today’s world. She leads community health and wellness initiatives as an Extension Professor and State

Health Specialist at Colorado State University and has an integrative health coaching practice in Fort Collins, CO, where she lives with her husband and son.

BOOK(S): Meeting the Moment with Kindness: How Mindfulness Can Help Us Find Calm, Stability, and an Open Heart - Oct 1, 2023

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