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Natalie Talks Live with Author Lorraine McAdam on E.T. on 9/27 1-2pm

Sep 26, 2023

My guest tomorrow Sept 27th 1-2pm est is Lorraine McAdam, an artist, writer and poet. In the past, she worked as a nurse for twelve years. At 45, she trained to become a teacher, and has been an English teacher for 12 years. She runs her own tuition business. She is also unusual in that she believes she has been having encounters with the paranormal, E.T.s and UFOs since she was a child. She lives in Cumbria, U.K.
Indeed, until now, only those in her close nuclear family had known of the details of her story, which has been a lifelong one. But in her heart, she eventually realised that withholding her story - of what she now believes is some form of ongoing E.T. contact - was no longer an option. And because it seems that the world at large has moved to a more enlightened attitude towards ‘abductees’ or ‘experiencers’ who have experienced and gone through this high strangeness, loosely called ‘alien contact’, McAdam now thinks that the time is ripe to reveal her story.

Phantoms in the Night or ETs?: My Lifelong Experience of Contact with the Paranormal - Aug 25, 2023

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