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Learn To Connect with the Akashic Records Using Tarot

Dec 27, 2022

Tarot is a wonderful tool full of depth and meanings, which can be used to help you understand yourself, as well as the people around you and situations. By using Tarot to tap into your sub-conscious you can delve into hidden emotions, emotional conflicts, and possibly more importantly it can offer the possibility for healing.

The deck that you use must be one you are comfortable with, it doesn’t need to be new or fancy. You just need to be familiar with it and comfortable using it.
The Starz Psychic Tarot Deck will work well for this.

To begin this exercise, you must establish a connection with your tarot cards, this is done by getting to know them, hold them in your hands, look at them and begin to identify with them. This process can take as long as you like and is very important!

Next you need to choose a card. You can randomly select a card that is fine, but I would recommend you do this by looking through your tarot deck carefully, the idea is that one of the cards will hold your attention longer, your eyes may linger on it. Or perhaps you already know the card you want to use because you are familiar with the deck.

Spend a few minutes looking at your chosen tarot card. Notice things like colors, figures on the card, what they are doing, how they are standing / sitting, animals, symbols, and shapes. Hold the image of your chosen tarot card in your mind; don’t try to force the image you can still look at the card.

Getting comfortable. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for about 20 minutes. Now either sit or lie in a comfortable position, loosen any restrictive clothes, you might even like to remove your shoes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for 2-3 min. It may help you at this point to use a mental clearing exercise.

Connecting with the card. Gently connect to the image of the card, remember what it looked like, what the image was bring into your memory all the details that come to mind. This step will become easier the more you practise it and as you become more familiar with your deck.

Focus fully on your card, watch it grow bigger and bigger until it is life size, now look at the border of the card this is the door through which you can now walk, go ahead walk into your card.

Once you are inside your tarot card, begin to become aware of your surroundings, what do you see? are there any sounds? what time of the day is it? is it warm? what season is it? what do you feel? what is the general atmosphere?

Next try and become aware of how you feel, do you feel happy? Are you nervous? Anxious? Or maybe you feel calm and at peace within the card. Look all around you and allow the scene to un-fold, move around the scene, touch things, smell things and generally explore the scene. What is happening inside your card?

If there are figures on your card, walk up to them, don’t be afraid to talk to them, approach one and make friends, say hello, smile and extend a warm greeting. You can ask the figures questions for example what are you doing? and what is your name?.

Once you have established a connection you can start to ask the important stuff such as what do you represent? What lessons do I need to know in this lifetime? and how can you help me? Once you have your answers say thank you and acknowledge the help that you have been given.

There is no need for you to rush off, you can stay in your card for as long as you want exploring and interacting with the characters. When you are ready to leave visualize the border of the card once more, this is your door back out of the card back into the room you are currently sitting in.

Once you have walked out of the card imagine it shrinking back to its original size. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

Things you “Must Not Do”

When you are in the card don’t question your feelings and any information that you get. While you are in the card accept what you see, hear and how you feel, the time for analysing is once you are back in your room and OUT of the card.

It is a good idea to keep notes of your experience, maybe get yourself a journal, because over time it is easy to forget details of your experience. So write down what you felt, what you saw, the answers you were given, everything you remember, do it straight away before things begin to fade.

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