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Is The Dog Your Power Totem Animal ?

Jul 26, 2023

Are you seeing a particular animal keep popping up in your dreams, on the TV, in books, magazines or in everyday life? Then there is a good chance that this animal is your Spirit Animal and is trying to bring you a message.

Your power totem animal deals with your past and can provide a glimpse into your present and possible future. It can help you move past challenges and offer comfort in periods of grief. A spirit animal guide may be sent as an answer to your prayers, or as a companion in time of trouble, grief, and loneliness.

Animal totems offer spiritual guidance. To best understand the lessons being communicated to you by the power animal that has come into your life involves learning their instinctual behaviours and natural habitats.
The spirit power animal totem is a psychological and spiritual symbol that suggests the qualities we need or lack in our daily lives.

There are Four types of animal spirit guides.

The Animal Messenger, Journey Animal Guide, Life Animal Spirit, and Shadow Spirit Guide.

The animal messenger guide appears at certain times in your life to warn or guide you through a specific situation, this animal will only stay with you until the message is received, or the situation has passed, and they are no longer needed.

The journey animal guide appears in your life when you reach a specific crossroad, and a decision needs to be made in order for you to progress on your path. This animal will stick with you until your journey is complete this can take days, weeks, months even years.

The life animal spirit guide is the spirit animal that will remain with you throughout your life, this animal is a reflection of you.

The shadow spirit guide is the one that injects fear into your life, it tests you and teaches you lessons in areas of your life that need to be changed. The shadow spirit guide represents your inner fears and will continue to appear in your life until the changes that are needed are made!

For this article I am going to focus on the animal messenger guide.

Spirit Animal Dog

Dog has long been quoted as man’s best friend. These animals are typically playful, loyal, protective, loving, and caring. Dogs are domesticated and live with us in our homes, as pets and companions, they can understand complex commands and can be trained to protect us and help us.

People with the dog as their spirit animal messenger guide, typically have a large capacity to love it would take a lot to break their spirit. You are likely to be playful, curious, intelligent, kind, cooperative, gentle, protective, loyal, extroverted, and will like being part of a group.

The dog’s medicine is loyalty, reliability, nobleness, trustworthiness, unconditional love, friendship, fierce energy of protection and service. This spirit animal helps you to stay present and optimistic. It helps you to enjoy life as it is happening, by staying in the moment, while keeping an eye on what is important, your loved ones.

Dogs live their lives in the here and now, they have a very jovial energy, which is not overshadowed by past or present events.
They therefore come to teach you to have fun, be jovial and to find activities that raise your frequency.

For dogs’ life is an adventure, with their strong senses they collect information about the world as they explore it, making them constantly excited and curious about the world they are living in. Their approach to life is very different from ours they are full of optimism and excitement. If you are being guided by a dog spirit messenger then allow yourself to become inspired by it, rather than scared of the unknown, throw caution to the wind and live in the moment.

The dog spirit animal guide may have shown up in your life to help boost your enthusiasm if you have been feeling low and is with you to bring help, comfort, heal and protect you in matters of the home, love, and relationships. It maybe that you are struggling in a relationship and the dog spirit animal has appeared to help you through this.

This spirit animal teaches us the importance of togetherness and shows us the strength that we can gain from shared bonds and trust with the people in your social circle and the closest to you.

The dog spirit messenger teaches us what true loyalty means and reminds us how to walk beside someone during the good times and bad, and to support them no matter what. It teaches us how to find the good in every situation. It reminds us that life changes and so do people and that we should treat other people how we expect to be treated ourselves. The spirit guide messenger dog teaches us how to support the people we care about, even during difficult times.

Typically, people with a dog spirit animal guide would find that they work well in the volunteering or humanitarian fields. The dog power spirit animal reminds us that kindness will get you further than criticism, and that those around you may not necessarily have the same path as yours.

Consider the attributes of the domestic dog his faithfulness and strong sense to serve. Their ability to love is incredible. The dog has tremendous senses being able to pick up on subtle frequency changes like for example earth tremors, psychic gifts are often associated with the dog and people with this wonderful spirit power animal.

A person with dog’s spiritual energy can be susceptible to energy highs and lows, feeling motivated one day and sluggish the next day. Typically, these feelings are connected to how they feel day by day, and at times can also be connected to mental health struggles, for example fluctuation between feeling optimistic or pessimistic, and thrill-seeking or cautious.

Because of their shifting moods having a stable secure home is very important, because it is within the safe space of your home that you can be your authentic self and be protected by the energy of your spirit animal guide dog.

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