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Ideal Crystals for Meditation

Dec 24, 2022

Crystals have been used in meditation for thousands of years and with so many to choose from it can be confusing! In this free download we hope to give you some insight into Crystals that can be used effectively for meditation.

Choosing the right crystal is important, hold the crystal in your hand, let your gut feeling tell you if this is the right crystal, trust this. Try and choose a crystal with lines or markings, giving you something to focus on, this can help you get lost within those lines/markings.

For many people Quartz crystals are probably to go to for meditation purposes - Clear quartz, Rose quartz, Smoky quartz and Amethyst are just a few of the many varieties of quartz.

Quartz vibrates at a high frequency which makes it the perfect receiver crystal, which can help facilitate spiritual connections and enlightenment. Clear quartz vibrates at a very high frequency and is good to help calm and clear the mind of clutter.

How the crystals properties enhance meditation

All crystals have their own vibration, and it is this vibration that merges into your aura. The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds you. When the aura and vibration of the crystal merge this enhances and brightens your energy/auric field.

Below is a list of some of the ideal crystals for meditation and a brief explanation:

Amethyst: Purple, third eye – sixth chakra. Probably one of the best crystals to use when meditating. Place a piece of Amethyst over the third eye (between your eyebrows). Amethyst supports different states of consciousness and awareness and will help with visualizations and calm a cluttered mind. Amethyst works in the emotional, Spiritual, and physical planes to provide balance, patience, and peace. On an emotional level amethyst is said to help grief.

Aquamarine: Can help with self-awareness and is good for clearing the mind and promoting a contemplative state, enabling you to explore your own self-worth.

Carnelian: The Good Luck Stone! If you are new to meditating then this is possibly the best crystal for you as it relates to the sacral chakra. Carnelian should help you stay focused while meditating and keep clutter from your mind. Carnelian helps you concentrate and aids spiritual connections, as well as helping you focus on your life goals. Carnelian comes in a variety of red and orange shades.

Fluorite: Is great if concentration is an issue and can help you to zone in on higher more abstract concepts and ideas.

Jade: Is a soother, helps you to let go of tension and release negativity

Jasper: Great for deep meditation! It soothes the mind clearing it of clutter.

Labradorite: Not for beginners to meditation, only use this crystal once you are able to control your meditation. Labradorite deepens the meditation which increases consciousness and visualizations.

Moonstone: Is a powerful aid to meditation it will increase the consciousness, bring about mental clarity as well as higher consciousness.

Yellow Calcite: Yellow calcite also known as golden calcite is a very uplifting crystal with positive energy, will help you to that can help you connect with the higher realms. Therefore, using yellow calcite for meditation can enhance spiritual guidance. This is also a good stone to wear to promote relaxation.

Citrine: Citrine is yellow and is associated with the third/solar plexus chakra. It is great for getting rid of negative energy from the environment, your own space and body. Citrine increases mental clarity, confidence and willpower while helping to relieve depression, self-doubt, and anger.

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