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How Can Angels Help Us? - Who is Archangel Uriel?

Mar 15, 2024

Angel of Wisdom

Uriel means “God is light” “Light of God” or "fire of God." Other spellings include Usiel, Uzziel, Oriel, Auriel, Suriel, Urian and Uryan.

Archangel Uriel is often shown carrying either a book or a scroll with answers to your life questions, this is associated with wisdom, and a staff or a bright lamp which he uses to guide you on your life path.
Uriel is part of a group of angels known as the illuminated seraphim.

Angel Guidance

Archangel Uriel is the angel to pray to for: Money, wisdom, success, understanding and clarity.
Uriel’s angel guidance can help forge a direct link to the spirit realms. So, if you seek to raise your personal vibration and become connected with higher energy, Archangel Uriel can help.

Spirit Guides and angels offer help in many ways – Archangel Uriel offers humanity unconditional service, by giving wisdom and the light of God’s truth to all those that seek solutions, wisdom, and information.

Spirit guides and angels like Archangel Uriel provide a bridge between earth and the Divine. Uriel is a source enlightenment for those seeking spiritual clarity.

Angels Help Us

Turn to Uriel for help making decisions, learning new information, problem solving and solving conflicts.
Turn to Uriel for help letting go of damaging emotions like anxiety, worry, and anger, because these emotions can prevent you discovering wisdom or recognizing perilous situations.

Biblical - Apocryphal Books

In the book of Enoch Uriel is listed as one of the seven Archangels.
Uriel the Archangel is not mentioned specifically in the Bible. However, apocryphal texts credit Uriel with certain biblical events.

In the book of Enoch 10:1-4 Uriel warns the prophet Noah about the upcoming flood. In Enoch chapters 19 and 21, Uriel shows Enoch a vision that reveals the fallen angels who rebelled against God will be judged, and “bound until the infinite number of the days of their crimes be completed.” (Enoch 21:3)

Uriel is said to have protected the Tree of Life with his flaming sword after Adam and Eve had been driven the from the Garden of Eden.

In some Christian apocryphal gospels, Around the time of Christ’s birth, it is Uriel that saves John the Baptist from being murdered by King Herod’s order to massacre young boys.

Uriel appearing like a lion according to rabbinic Jewish tradition is the leader of the entire angelic host and gives entry to the underworld.

Spirit Guides and Angels

Archangels have no gender.

Invoke Archangel Uriel when you are looking for insight into your life, she will be a wise friend, companion, and protector. She guides you to connect to the Universal energies, helping you better understand and manage your life, thus unlocking your full potential.

As the angel of wisdom Uriel is associated with the mind, thoughts, ideas, creativity, and philosophy. He reminds humanity to worship God, not him.

Those that seek the angel guidance of Uriel tend to lead positive lives, and can let go of self-limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and behaviours.

Calling on the angel guidance of Uriel can help you rid yourself anger, doubt and of the fears that can hold you back.

Archangel Uriel can also help you deal with guilt, self-reproach, and help you to overcome any shame you feel from past mistakes and failures.


Uriel the Archangel cab help you discover your hidden potential, which will help you re-take control of your life.

Uriel the Archangel will help you step into your own power and thus help you to assist others that may need help. She knows instinctively what you are capable of and how far you can go and is ready to assist you should you face any challenges beyond your human abilities.

How will you know if Archangel Uriel is around? You will feel calm, and as if your troubles have just flown away.

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