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How Can Angels Help Us - Who is Archangel Seraphiel

Mar 17, 2024

Angel of Purification

Archangel Seraphiel means “Chief of Seraphim.” He often is described as an extremely tall angel with an angelic face, with a body that looks like an eagle aflame with brilliant light.
Archangel Seraphiel works with archangels Michael and Metatron radiating the Creator's energies of compassion and justice from heaven towards earth and all of creation.
Angel guidance from Seraphiel can help find you to find your spiritual path and bring you closer to the divine source.
Seraphiels angel guidance can also bring you clarity, protection, strengthen your faith and purification.

Angels Help Us

Archangel Seraphiel celestial flames can burn away our sin when we spend time connecting with the divine.
Spirit guides and angels help us in many ways, Speraphiel energy is represented by red, he is a calm yet powerful Archangel whose beauty rivals the morning star’s light. His eyes, focused on God, shine like stars. During meditation Seraphiel will reveal the mysteries of holiness.

Archangel Seraphiel – Religion

In Hebrew Seraphiel means "seraph of god or god is my seraph"
Apocryphal text 3 Enoch - Archangel Seraphiel is the leader of the seraphim angelic choir which glorifies God. He is also the director of the Trisagion, which is a phrase chanted by the Seraphim “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty; the entire universe is filled with his glory.” In the Bible the prophet Isaiah’s is said to have had a vision of seraphim chanting this in heaven.
Those that believe in Kabbalah say Seraphiel is one of the angelic leaders of the Merkabah, the angels that guard God's throne in heaven, who unveil the mysteries of holiness to people during meditation and prayer.
In magical lore, Seraphiel is the angel of the ‘Divine Feminine’ and one of the rulers of Tuesday, moon magic, seasons, tides, and the planet Mercury. He is called from the North.

Angel Guidance

Archangel Seraphiel is ‘very fiery,’ with no impurities able to withstand his flames. Therefore, if you feel there are impurities in your life invoke the assistance of Serpahiel to help purify you and get rid of harmful energies and attachments that you may have.
Angels help us with our spiritual journeys, you can call on Seraphiel, to help strengthen your faith, and bring calmness to your mind, helping you release your fears, worries and troubles.

Crystals connected with Seraphiel are Amber, Garnet, Fire Agate, Nuumite, Zincite, Magnesite, and Plume Agate

Angel of Purification

Seraphiel’s name means “The Burning One.”
As the Angel of Purification Seraphiel’s radiates the fire of pure devotion to God, which can burn away impurities, which purifies souls, leaving behind only pureness, virtue, and devotion.
Seraphiel is quite often shown with six wings and a fiery appearance. Seraphiels body is covered with radiant eyes, symbolizing his steadfast, unwavering devotion and focus on God. He wears a large Sapphire crown on his head to represent his high-ranking status.

How can Archangel Seraphiel Help You?

Archangel Serpahiel can help you by
  • Purifying your life, cleansing, and clearing blockages
  • Clearing stumbling blocks
  • Bring a state of calmness to your mind, helping you release fears, troubles, and worries.
  • Helping you to build and strengthening your devotion to the Divine.
  • Helping you finding your true spiritual path
  • Helping you to develop spiritual wisdom and knowledge.
Spirit guides and angels help us in many ways – Archangel Serpahiel stands as a beacon of light and blessings.
Angelic prayer establishes a deep connection between the earth and the spiritual realms. When we invoke Archangel Seraphiel during angelic prayer, we are largely asking for divine assistance, protection, and guidance in our lives.
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