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How Can Angels Help Us - Who is Archangel Michael

Mar 14, 2024

Michael: He who is as God.

Colour: Blue

Michael the Archangel often referred to as the Prince of Heaven or Commander of the Heavenly Hosts, is a prominent figure in various religious traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Archangel Michael is God’s top angel, the most well-known and most powerful archangel, leading all the angels in heaven. He is also known as Saint Michael

Angels help us in many ways - Michael’s role is to bring us protection. He is a warrior and is associated with courage, strength, and justice.

In moments of crisis, call on Archangel Michael, and ask for angel guidance and divine protection

Angels Help Us

Spirit guides and angels can be called on for assistance, ask for angel guidance from Archangel Michael when you need the courage to overcome your fears, and to gain the strength you need to resist temptations and sin.

Spirit guides and angels help in times of trouble. Prayers, such as the “Saint Michael Prayer,” are recited to invoke his help with spiritual struggles and to ask for protection from negative influences.

Archangel Michael is often seen as a glimmer of blue light, which represents power, protection, faith, courage, and strength.

Religious Texts

The word “archangel” appears in the Bible twice, in the Bible (1 Thessalonians 4:16) says that Christ will return with the voice of an archangel.

Often called the Prince of Heaven Michael the Archangel is deemed a powerful celestial being that plays a significant role in the spiritual realm.

Michael is depicted as a loyal and fierce warrior in the Book of Daniel he is depicted as the guardian angel of Israel, and the Book of Revelation 12:7, he defends God’s people against evil forces, and is associated with the defeat of Satan and the final judgment. It reads “Then a war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels fought back. But it was not strong enough, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. The huge dragon was hurled down. That ancient serpent, called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world, was hurled down to the earth, along with its angels.”

The Bible describes Michael as being a warrior-like individual, intervening to protect his people, as in (Jude 9) in one-on-one confrontation over the body of Moses or as the head of the heavenly host (Revelation 12:7).
In the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches Michael is worshipped as a saint. He is the patron saint of people that work in dangerous conditions and jobs, for example military personnel, police, security officers, and paramedics.

The Qur’an says in Al-Baqara 2:98: “Whoever is an enemy to God and his angels and his apostles, to Gabriel and Michael -- lo! God is an enemy to those who reject the faith.”

Islam recognizes Michael (Mikail) as one of the four archangels together with Gabriel (Jibril), Rafael, and Israfil.
In history there are a few places associated with Michael the Archangel such as Mount Gargano in Italy, where his apparition appeared and is thought to have miraculously intervened to stop a local plague. Furthermore, other places like Mont Saint-Michel in France and the Michaelion near Constantinople (now Istanbul) in Turkey have historical and religious importance tied to Michael’s presence.

Angel Guidance

It is believed that guardian angels work with Michael when our time on earth is up, and our soul transcends to heaven. He is said to be the guardian of faith and communicates about faith while escorting the souls of believers to heaven after they die. He will also come to those who do not believe, or believe in false gods and assist them, without any questions asked.

Archangel Michael can help you to let go of any fears and doubts you have about yourself and assist you in strengthening your faith.

According to an old belief Michael is often associated with the autumn and winter months and is said to shield those that are cold and in need protection form hard times.

Archangel Michael is the most powerful Angel you can call on for help. He can protect you from harm, support you during challenging times, cut the cords of attachment that don’t serve your best interests, help heal your life & help you to manifest your highest good.

Michael is often shown in art wielding a sword or a spear, this symbolizes his role as the angelic leader in spiritual battles.

Call on Archangel Michael for angel guidance through prayer, affirmations, mantras, and meditation.

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