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How Can Angels Help Us? - Who is Archangel Gabriel?

Mar 13, 2024

Archangel Gabriel name means ‘God is my strength,’ God’s power’ or God is my strength.’ He is known as the angel of revelation because he had the power to announce God's will to mankind. Other spellings of his name include Jibril, Gavriel, Gibrail, and Jabrail.

Gabriel is a messenger of Divine love, wisdom, and guidance. Gabriel represents communication, new beginnings, and strength.
Michael and Gabriel are the only angels who are named explicitly in the Bible in both the New and Old Testament. The best-known story in the Bible being the Christmas story, Gabriel is the angel that appears to Mary telling her she will give birth to a son. It is also the angel Gabriel that guides the three wise men to the place Christ is born.

Angel Guidance

Spirit guides and angels are spiritual, they are perfect beings created by God at the beginning of time. Most people believe that Gabriel was an archangel, however this is never mentioned in the Bible, so why is Gabriel considered an archangel?

Archangel or not?

Let’s look, the book of Enoch says Gabriel and Michael were both archangels. In Enoch and Tobit from the book of Enoch, which was influential book written between the Old and New Testament. It says angels that stand in God’s presence are identified as archangels; so therefore, by tradition Gabriel is referred to as an archangel.


Gabriel is known in many spiritual traditions as the angel of revelation and prophecy.

While many angels mentioned in the Bible, Gabriel is one of only two good and holy angels referenced by name. In the Scriptures the Angel Gabriel is a messenger who delivers several important messages on God’s behalf. In Daniel 8:16, Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel, to explain the prophet’s dream about a goat and ram and stuff that was happening with the animals’ horns.

He next appears to the priest Zechariah to foretell and announce the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 19:19) a. He next appears to the virgin Mary to tell her that she would bear a son, referenced in Luke 1:26-28.
Often depicted holding a trumpet symbolizing Gabriel as a messenger of divine messages, reinforcing Gabriels association with communication, and delivering important news.

Archangel Gabriel the Protector

Archangel Gabriel is considered a protector to individuals working as couriers, ambassadors, postmen, communications, and journalists.

He can be called on for angel guidance by individuals needing direction, support, and protection on their spiritual journey.
Angels help us in many ways, understanding how to invoke the help of spirit guides and angels like Archangel Gabriel can greatly enhance your spiritual practice.

When called upon, Gabriel works as a guardian by creating a shield of divine energy around those seeking protection.

Call on Gabriel when you are faced with challenges or difficult situations, and need to find inner strength and courage to help you navigate your way through your troubles.

Archangel Gabriel's protective energy brings clarity and guidance and can help you gain a deeper understanding of your life purpose.

Invoking Archangel Gabriel, brings a protective presence into your life of love and light that surrounds you, shielding you from negative energies and entities that may try to disrupt your spiritual practice.

Angels Help us.

Spirit guides and angels help us, Archangel Gabriel brings a sense of peace, clarity, and reassurance, also helping you to develop a deeper connection to your intuition and inner guidance.

Probably one the most significant signs Archangel Gabriel is with you is that you may start to sense or notice a beautiful white and golden, coppery angelic light.

For example, during your meditation you may see this brilliant light with your inner sight. You can ask Gabriel to come forward, you may feel a general sense of heartfelt warmth and presence, or you might experience Gabriel stepping forward with or as a glowing coppery light.

Or it might be that you begin seeing coppery white orbs in your peripheral vision. Sometimes if you try and focus too hard on these orbs, they will disappear. To try and avoid this happening find a peaceful, relaxed space where you won’t be disturbed or feel rushed before you begin invoking Archangel Gabriels’s help and presence.

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