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Healing The Past Tarot Spread

Nov 2, 2023

Healing the Past Tarot Spread

This tarot spread is designed to help you understand how a traumatic experience has affected your personality, the way you view yourself and your relationships, and how you could change by letting go and moving on.

• Card 1: How this trauma/past event affects me right now

• Card 2: Emotions I carry with the trauma/past event

• Card 3: How this is affecting my relationships with others

• Card 4: How this affects the way I see myself

• Card 5: What might help me to release this trauma

• Card 6: A lesson I need to learn from this experience

• Card 7: What do I need to do to move past this experience

• Card 8: How can I expect my life to change once I release this trauma/past event

The tarot cards used for this tarot spread are the Starz Psychics Tarot Deck, available for pre-order from this Etsy store

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