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Explaining The Auric Energy Field ? Subtle Bodies

Jun 17, 2024

Every living thing has an aura, it is an energetic field that surrounds the physical body, typically oval. The auric energy field is seen in the form of colors.

The human aura is sometimes known as the subtle bodies.

So, what is the auric energy field?

The aura has seven layers or fields, often referred to as harmonics because of the colors they emit. Your aura is unique to you, it reflects your state of consciousness and to the intuitive eye will give an indication of your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, health and energies.

Each individual layer of the aura inter-connects with the other layers. The seven layers of the aura can be divided into two planes, the physical and the spiritual.

Each layer of the aura holds information about you, for example your past, such as past physical ailments or the beginning of new ones. This is determined by looking at the auric colors, for example the various shades and the position of the colors. The overall size of the aura and how quickly the auric colors alter these are all used to decide a wealth of information concerning the past and future possibilities.

Auric Colors

The subtle bodies contain the primary colors of the rainbow. These colors can change depending on the emotion an individual is experiencing. The auric energy field is made up of many colors and many shades of colors which alter; this shows our constant change in thoughts and emotions.

As we move through life we are continuously changing, which means that our own individual auric energy field is also changing.
Our auric subtle bodies can change in size depending on how we feel, for example when we are happy our aura can gain in dimensions, and when we are sad it may shrink in size.

So, what are the 7 layers of the aura

The first layer of the aura is the etheric aura, it vibrates close to the physical body, it holds information relating to the person’s physical health.

The etheric aura can also be seen around trees, plants and animals, it can also be detected around furniture.

The second layer of the aura is the emotional layer, this indicates emotions and feelings. The second layer of the aura will change in color depending on how we are feeling when a person is low the auric color can appear muddy. This layer also stores troubled emotions such as fear, resentment, insecurities, and loneliness. When there are problems with the second auric layer it will affect the first layer which will process this information into the physical body.

So it might be that any physical tensions you are experiencing, for example muscle cramps, or an upset stomach, are the result of the etheric (first) layer being bombarded by the emotional pain existing in the second aura layer.

The third layer of the aura is the mental layer; this contains your consciousness, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and mental processes. Any mental health issues will present themselves in this layer.

The fourth layer of the aura is called the astral bridge layer. The astral layer of the aura deals with the connections and bridge that the person has to the astral planes. It deals with our sense of love, well-being and life-balance. The astral layer of the aura can spread typically about a foot from the physical body.

The fifth layer of the aura is called the etheric template. The fifth layer of the aura, the etheric aura, is a blueprint of the physical world the person is habituating. Essentially the fifth layer of the aura acts as a carbon copy of the physical body on the spiritual plane.

The sixth layer of the aura is called the celestial aura. The celestial aura can extend anything up to two and a half feet from the physical body. It is in the celestial aura that we communicate with the spiritual realms. The sixth layer of the aura is where the physical mind comes to link with the spiritual mind through meditation and devotional practices.

The seventh layer of the aura is the casual body sometimes known as the ketheric template. This is the outer layer and holds all the other layers in place it encompasses the blueprint of our spiritual path, mirroring the soul’s experiences and events through time.

The casual body vibrates at the highest frequency and is typically full of gold threads. The casual body or ketheric template reflects the experiences that your soul has undergone; this layer of the aura is the link to the Divine and becoming one with the Universe.

The various layers of the subtle bodies can be read separately or in conjunction with each other.

I hope that you have enjoyed this look at the auric energy field

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