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Explaining The Auric Energy Field of Red Aura People

Jun 21, 2024

Being able to read your auric energy field is a great way to understand and connect to a deeper part of yourself. Every living thing has an aura, it is an energetic field that surrounds the physical body, typically oval. The auric energy field is seen in the form of colors.

If you are seeing red within the layers of the aura this can imply an excess of energy. People with bright red subtle bodies tend to be passionate about life, decisive, creative and influential.
Seeing a red layer of the aura implies someone that is grounded and likes to live in the moment.

Auric colors – Bright Red
Generally, a bright red aura is linked with passion, sensuality, and positive energy. Having bright red subtle bodies would imply someone that is passionate about the things they care about –relationships, work projects, competitions, sport and so on. People with this auric energy field color are said to be very compassionate, affectionate and loving.

Auric colors - Blood Red
Seeing blood red in the layers of the aura implies a person with a lot of willpower. The person will have determination, and leadership qualities. A blood red layer of the aura can also denote deep passion and commitment.

Auric colors – Cherry red
A cherry red in the subtle bodies can imply a playful, loving, and creative spirit. Typically, this person will be enthusiastic, optimistic, and ready to embark on new adventures

Auric colors – Red
Red is a manifesting color in the aura, it is a foundation color, it is the color the person projects out into the world. Red is the color all over colors need to exist, for example look at a rainbow, red is the first color that you will see.
Red in the subtle bodies shows their lifeforce is very high and they want to use their excess energy to create a world around them that will match their lifeforce.

Red aura people attract to them people that need their energy – for example people that want to launch a project, business, or that need inspiration, action or assistance with something. Red aura people love action and doing things.
Red auric colors connect deeply with emotions, passion, courage and creativity. On the other end of the scale red is also associated with anger, aggression, rage, and power struggles.

Auric colors – Murky red

When the aura appears murky or has grey or dark undertones this can be an indication of negative energy. It can be a sign of overwhelming stress from inner turmoil or external pressures and can even imply burnout.
An auric energy field of red can imply anger and rage as we have just seen, but when the aura is murky this can mean the person is repressing anger issues, which can then spill out into angry outbursts, violence and aggressive behaviors.

Auric colors – Dark red
When the auric energy field has a dark red layer is can imply unresolved anger issues and frustrations that haven’t been properly dealt with. But also shows this person is resilient and strong and could deal with their challenges if they chose to.

Auric colors – Cloudy red
Like the murky red aura, a cloudy aura implies negative temporary issues. A cloudy red in the layers of the aura can show the person is dealing with a frustrating or stressful situation or is in a bad mood.

In conclusion
When the subtle bodies are red it implies passion, confidence, a strong sense of self, and grit. Red is associated with love, leadership, indulgence, and fiery determination. People with a red aura know who they are and what they want, they tend to be straightforward, honest and open.

In the workplace, red aura people make excellent leaders, that can handle leading a team or working alone, and that will stop at nothing to get the job done.

Having red in the subtle bodies show immense passion which can sometimes be overwhelming, and can lead to bursts of anger or thoughts of vengeance, when left unchecked, and not dealt with.

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