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Explaining The Auric Energy Field of Blue Aura People

Jun 19, 2024

As discussed in our previous blog post on the auric energy field, every living thing has an aura it is an intangible, ever-shifting energetic field that surrounds all living things and is generally oval.

Auric colors mean different things, but when the aura is blue it is said to relate to sensitivity and intelligence.

The presence of blue in the subtle bodies is inked to an openness and receiving or perceiving spiritual energy. People with subtle bodies containing a lot of blue may have a powerful sense of intuition but be unaware of where their instincts come from.

A “true blue” layer of the aura is generally found in people that are calm, collected, and balanced.

Auric colors - Blue

There are many layers to the auric energy field. Having a blue layer of the aura can differ depending on the shade of blue. In this article we will explore the main shades.

When the aura is blue if the shade is very dark rather than light it normally denotes a damaged, hurt, or painful spirit.
Auric colors – Turquoise

When a layer of the aura is a shade of turquoise we are often reminded of the color of the ocean, which suggests waves, which can be a tad choppy even dangerous at times. On the flipside the ocean can also have a calming effect. This shade therefore represents both a calmness on the outside but upset and in turmoil within.

People with a shade of turquoise in their subtle bodies can appear calm amid chaos, they make good healers, and are quite often found within the caring profession.

Turquoise in the subtle bodies shows high levels of empathy and compassion. The turquoise layer of the aura generally stays with a person for a long time, it is not normally a fleeting color.

If you find one of your auric colors is turquoise it can be an indication that you need to find an outlet for any built-up inner turmoil. Even if you ate typically a private person, holding onto negative build ups of emotions can influence your state of well-being.

Auric colors – Royal Blue
Often called the “true blue” aura.

People whose subtle bodies have a royal blue tend to be extremely poised, calm, and empathetic.
When a layer of the aura is yellow, whilst a layer of the aura is a royal blue they tend to harmonize with each other and can show someone that is highly intelligent or even genius level.

Royal blue can also be seen in the aura of those with clairvoyant abilities. People with a royal blue aura are thought to be unworried by new challenges and are not generally held back by negative energy.

Auric colors – Indigo
A true indigo aura is often seen in people that have a “sixth sense” and can absorb the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and traumas of others.

People with indigo in their subtle bodies are intuitive and will demonstrate a strong empathetic ability. They are generally thought of as ‘’sensitive’ by those that know them and are more than likely introverted.

However that said, it does not mean they are shy or quiet, even though they can be at times, it is likely they are just trying to tune into the energies around them and get a feel for things.

Auric colors - Sky Blue or Light Blue

A light, bright blue, depicts someone with a peaceful, positive personality. A Light blue layer of the aura shows serenity, it is the colour of communication, and is associated with clarity, honesty, and peacefulness.
Whilst all light shades in the aura are linked to positive interactions, having light blue int aura can show your communication skills are excellent.

A light blue aura can also denote intuitiveness and an openness in receiving spiritual or metaphysical energy.

Auric colors – Muddy blue
A dark or muddy appear to the blue aura is associated with negativity.

When light blues becomes opaque, cloudy, muddy blue or tinged with black, the person may be feeling blocked or insecure. As a point of reference having this darker shade in the aura does not mean that the person is evil, bad, or malicious. It just means this person may be holding onto fear, anxiety or negative emotions that have built up from a troubled past, a troubled mind or even a troubled soul.

Such people are not necessarily liars, but they may be so fearful of the truth that they tend to hide it. It can mean denote insecurities, and sensitivity that influence their decision-making abilities.

It can also mean difficulties in speaking up and a fear of expressing their true self, which can make connecting with others challenging.

Typically, they find it hard to accept constructive criticism and their decisions are rarely based on logic.
If you have a dark blue in your subtle bodies it might be that you are not acting and instead of embracing the truth, and being honest you choose to stay inactive, which could lead to this dark blue becoming increasingly dark, maybe even turning black!
The best course of action for you right now is to face what needs facing and to be honest and to speak out.

Try as much as possible to set your focus onto positive things, look for the good in the situation, because it will be there and always remember, tomorrow is another day!

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