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Ever Wondered What Psychometry Is?

May 20, 2023

Psychometry, also known as clairtangency!

In simple terms psychometry is a psychic way of seeing things, gaining information through touching something. It is a sort of scrying if you like, but not using a crystal ball!

Some psychics will touch the object on their forehead while others will hold it in their hands or just touch it. Through this touch the psychic can sense or "read" the history of it. The impressions that are gained might come as an image, sound, smell, taste or even as an emotion.

So, for example, a psychometrist can deduce what a person is like by simply holding onto a personal object such as a wedding ring or necklace that belongs to the person. And be able to describe that person's character, looks or things that have happened to them.

If you are trying to hone in on your own psychic skills then Psychometry is a great tool for developing abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and mediumship.

Psychometry, translated from Greek, means ‘Measuring the Soul,’ a term first used in 1842 by the American physician and professor of physiology Joseph Rodes Buchanan. Professor Buchanan went on to publish results from tests he had done with his students in his book, Journal of Man, in which he explained his theory that all objects have "souls" that retain a memory.

How is psychometry possible?

Psychometry is like an energetic fingerprint, without realizing it we leave behind energy, for example if you draw a pattern on a steamy mirror, it will fade until the next time it fogs up and the message re-appears!
The idea a few years ago that everything holds a vibration or energy based fingerprint would have been scoffed at, but scientific observations have shown us that everything is made up of constantly moving atoms that mingle with everything else. Which means for example if you wear something every day, it becomes infused with the essence of you, which might explain why keeping something worn by a loved one is comforting!

How to do Psychometry

The more energy an object holds, the more information you will gain from it. So, for example, a wedding ring, which is constantly on the finger will hold more energy than a piece of costume jewelry that is rarely worn.
Star with something that you own, or something that belongs to someone close to you.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before starting, and then once dry rub them together to get the energy flowing.
Hold the object in the palm of your hands, making as much contact with it as possible

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then ask yourself internally questions about the object such as who owns it, and what the owner is like, what their personality is and so on. You can also ask questions such as is the owner living or passed away, and what kind of experiences the owner has had while they owned the object.

The information you gain may come as emotions, feelings, thoughts or as sounds, images, and messages.
Try out psychometry for yourself!

If you have questions, get in touch with one of our online psychics:

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