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Dreams - What Do They Mean

Feb 23, 2023

Dreaming is important, on average a typical person will dream for at least two hours. However, that said there is still ongoing research into why we dream and why. Dreams are fascinating and many spend hours trying to unravel the meaning in our dreams.
Freud believed that dreams were a form of wish fulfilment and held the keys to a person desires. He thought that the subject of a person’s dream stemmed from reality, even though the dream was not identical to their waking life and could not therefore be taken at face value.

Modern Theory

A more modern neuroscience-focused approach suggests that our dreams help us process difficult life experiences. In particular, the vivid dreams of REM sleep are considered a way to help the brain process waking experiences and regulate emotions.

Common Dream Meanings

Falling: Dreams where you are falling are probably one of the most common dreams.
Typically this dream is thought to represent an area of your life that you feel frustrated or overwhelmed about. Therefore consider where you might feel this “loss of control”? For example, are you feeling overwhelmed at school, or work, in your relationships, or maybe you feel unappreciated.
If you are falling in your dream but you never actually hit the ground your dream may represent losing control. If you do hit the ground, it could mean you were wrong about something.
If you feel helpless watching someone else fall, it might mean you need to accept you have no control over their fate, and that you should try to be there for them in their time of need, but don’t try to command them.
However, if you felt okay watching them fall, then your dream may be telling you that you can do something for this person — a gesture, or bold action that will help them avoid their fall.

Naked in public: However weird you may feel about having this dream it is far more common than you realize.
Generally this dream is thought to be a bit of a wake up call to you. It might be that you feel a phony, or that you are fearful of letting people see the real you.
Maybe you are embarrassed about something about yourself that nobody knows about yet.

Running but getting nowhere: This is thought to be one of the most frustrating dreams, where you are running as fast as you can, but are moving at a snail’s pace.
This dream might be implying that you are running away from something such as a situation you don’t want to face or perhaps an irrational fear. But, as with any fear in the end the only way to conquer it is to face it head on! In your dream your slow movement is because you are allowing the fear to encompass you, whereas if you confront it, there is more chance of resolution.
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Date: Feb 23, 2023

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