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Do You Have Psychic Abilities? The Complete Guide to Finding Out

Sep 15, 2021

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Date: Sep 15, 2021

When you think of psychic abilities you may think of crystal balls and old women draped in scarves claiming to have special gifts bestowed upon them from some ancient gypsy curse says this article from As fun as that sounds, that’s not actually the reality of having psychic powers. Psychic abilities can present themselves in many different forms and can find their way to the minds of all different types of people – regular, shmegular, not-draped-in-scarves people. In fact, it’d be completely reasonable for you to ask yourself: do I have psychic abilities? Because you very well might.

Take a read and you might learn something new about yourself, and maybe even find a new career along the way.

Where To Start?

It can be difficult to decipher whether or not you have these special abilities, especially if you’ve never truly thought about it before. The first place to start might be talking to a real psychic and having your own reading done. Websites like StarzPsychics are perfect for this, with many different kinds of psychics readily, and conveniently, available to do a reading.

Next Steps

The next step in your journey is to look at all the many different types of psychic abilities and try to identify any aspects of the abilities that you may recognize within yourself. It can be an overwhelming task: sorting through the lexicon of abilities and doing all that research just to see if you have any powers to tap into. So we did the work for you and put together a comprehensive, easy-to-skim-through list of abilities and what they entail.

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Akashic Records Reading

The Akasha is a higher dimension from the one we live on – one where every thought and action you’ve ever had or will ever have is stored. To be able to tap into the Akashic Records is to be able to understand and provide potential outcomes for the future, and to better understand your own past.

Angel Reading

With angel readings, psychics must rely on intuition and clairvoyance while also using a deck of angel cards. Through the cards, psychics tune into angels who will then provide the psychic with their guidance and spiritual intellect for whomever they are watching over.

Animal Reading

Psychics who have an especially deep connection to animals might practice animal reading. This functions like any psychic reading, except energy is focused on interpreting and tapping into the psyche of an animal. It’s an ability that can help humans better understand their beloved pets.

Automatic Writing

Also called psychography, automatic writing is the phenomenon of being able to produce writing directly from your own psychic abilities. The words that arrive on paper from the hand of the psychic can come from the subconscious or even the supernatural.

Chakra Cleansing

In order to be able to cleanse someone’s chakra, you need to first be able to read people’s energies, sense when chakras are blocked, and know what needs to happen to reset those energies. Ask yourself: when you’re near another person – are you quick to notice whether they’re low or high in energy? Maybe you can tell instantly if they’re in an emotional rut? If this feels like the type of ability you have – chakra cleansing might be the next level in your psychic repertoire.


Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive the future. If you’ve ever hand sensations or gut feelings about events that have not yet happened – only for them to occur after your premonition, then you are definitely one of the lucky souls with the power of clairvoyance

Cartomancy Reading

Cartomancy is a form of fortune telling that uses a standard deck of cards. Cartomancers will draw a series of cards from the deck and have the ability to interpret them as a medium for divination.


Numerology is the mystical relationship between a number and a concurring event. Have you noticed that you have a peculiar relationship with numbers? Perhaps certain numbers appear in your life that have a direct correlation to events that transpire? Then you might consider numerology as a field of interest.

Online Tarot Reading

Online tarot reading is a popular, modern form of an old craft. Similar to cartomancy, tarot card readers choose from a specific deck of cards and interpret one’s fortune from the cards that are drawn. It takes great concentration, understanding, and skill to be able to practice tarot so it may take some time and training before your powers present themselves.

Photo Reading

Photo reading is the ability to look at a photograph and receive psychic information from the subject depicted. Perhaps it’s a photo of a loved one who has passed or a friend going through current troubles. A photo reading psychic will be able to intuit the past, present, and the future.

Psychic Reading

A psychic medium is an instinctive individual who has the ability to connect with spirits beyond our realm. They can read and deeply understand the souls of the living as well as possessing the ability to communicate with the souls of those who have passed on. The abilities of being a psychic medium are often easy to identify within yourself because they have a strong presence that’s difficult to ignore.

Soulmate Reading

Soulmate readings are readings that can predict one’s soulmate. It’s a specific form of tarot or psychic readings that focuses on connecting two souls who perhaps have yet to find each other.

Spiritual Healer

Spiritual healing is somewhat similar to chakra cleansing. A healer is able to channel divine energies into a body in order to promote an overall healing of the body and soul.

Symbolon Card Reading

Symbolon cards are different from tarot but similar in concept. It’s a more modern craft, and those who can read the cards are able to uncover deep psychological and spiritual secrets of whomever is being read. The readings can prompt spiritual and personal growth.

Tea Leaf Reading

Also known as tasseography, tea leaf reading is an ancient practice. The process of this psychic ability involves making a cup of tea with loose tea leaves and directing your energies onto the leaves to have them answer whatever spiritual question you may have. If performed correctly, the pattern in which the leaves assemble themselves in the bottom of the cup will have your answer.

Dream Exploration

Dream exploration is the ability to interpret dreams. The mind is at its most liberated in our sleep, but the events that occur in our dreams can be hard to understand. A psychic with the ability for dream exploration knows what certain imagery means and can decipher what our dreams may be trying to tell us.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. Those skilled in reiki are able to heal by the use of their hands to feel and alter the aura that is cast around a body. It requires a strong intuition with auras and personal energies.

In Conclusion

Believe it or not, these aren’t even all the psychic abilities possible to possess. This is just a beginner’s crash course with which you’re hopefully starting to see the vast and modern world of psychic powers. And maybe now you can answer the question we started with: do you have psychic abilities?

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