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Cleansing the Aura / Auric Field

Nov 13, 2023

Scientific studies have proven that we all have an aura! The human aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body, this aura is also known as the subtle bodies. The human aura has layers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements.

Let me explain what the auric energy field is:

According to ancient medicine the auric energy field is made up of seven different layers or fields that can extend anywhere from five to seven feet from the physical body. The auric layers are often referred to as harmonics – this is because of the colours that they emit. There are seven auric energy fields or layers, sometimes referred to as harmonics because of the colour fields they radiate. The various colours and the intensity of the aura, especially around and above the head have VERY special meanings.

The human aura can show our true nature, feelings, ailments, and intentions for everyone to see.
Our auric energy field is individual to us; it surrounds us and inter-connects perfectly with each layer. The seven layers of the auric energy fields can be divided into two planes: the physical and the spiritual.

Each individual’s aura is different and will show information about them, like for example their past, and will give an insight into the sort of energy they are open to in the future. An individual’s aura can also show past physical ailments or the beginning of new ones. This is determined by looking at the number of colours, the various shades and position of these colours, the overall size of the individual’s aura and how quickly the auric colours alter these are all used to determine a host of information concerning the past and future possibilities.

Typically auras contain the primary colours of the rainbow; these colours can alter depending on the individual’s health and emotions at that time. Typically auras are made up of many colours and shades which alter; this shows our constant change in thoughts and emotions.

What affects the human aura?
The aura is affected by external influences such as your work and work environment, your home, neighbours, the area you live in your city, country and even the world!
The aura is also affected by trauma.
The aura is affected by internal influences such as illness, you may need to detox, being pregnant, your weight, your eating and drinking habits and so on…
The aura is affected by substances like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and illegal substances etc.
The aura is affected by your feelings and emotions, your thought processes, what you are viewing, doing, and by what you believe, these all impact on the quality of your aura. Which can culminate in a negative effect on the aura.

The aura is also affected by those around you – What this means is that those around us can and will affect our aura especially those we spend most of our time with. So for example a grumpy partner - your aura will pick up this negativity and energy. Your children can also affect the aura demanding kids, over protective parents and so on…

Humans are complex and dynamic, endlessly changing and as such the auric energy field of an individual is also unique and changeable.

The colours of the aura will alter for example: the colours of the aura change a red layer would indicate anger, sexuality and a strong nature – sports people about to compete would typically have red within the auric layers.
An aura can indicate when a person is stressed out or tired. Black in the aura can indicate depression.

Cleansing the Aura

There are techniques that can be used to help with cleansing the aura such as meditation, sitting quietly and peacefully is a great way to help cleanse your aura. So is swimming in salt water, or bathing in Epsom salts, this helps stimulate the energy flow in your body.

Possibly the easiest method is getting some sunlight, going outside and soaking up the vitamin D.
Another great way to cleanse the aura is smudging, the best herbs to use are palo santo, dried sage, or juniper. Use the smoke to wash away negative energies. Pass the burning smudge stick around your entire body while visualizing all the negative energy drifting away.

Breath work is another good method – Get comfy, find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed, and practice inhaling and exhaling, taking long deep breaths and, on each exhale, imagine you are pushing out all the negative emotions within you. With every inhale imagine you are breathing in positivity, peace, and hope. In your mind's eye, watch this positive stream fill every corner and cell of your body. Do this exercise for at least four minutes.

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