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Birthday Numerology

Nov 16, 2022

Born on the 1st -

The day you were born can speak volumes about your best qualities according to Hans Decoz, noted Numerologist on his site

The numbers in your life all mean something about you and your world. Your numerology profile takes several digits into account -- including the sum of your name and the day you were born. From this, you can find out more about your calling in life, your destiny ... even how others perceive you!

But it is your birth day that is most key to understanding one of the most essential things about you: your greatest talents.

Simply look to what day of the month you were born to hone in on the skills you may have never even realized you possess!

If you were born on the...

You are a leader in the truest sense of the word, and can gain the support and trust of others easily.

Ever considered working for the United Nations? You are very sensitive, intuitive and diplomatic.

Whether you've worked at it or not, you have a highly-developed creative talent and are a natural-born artist.

How many "Employee of the Month" certificates do you have? You're every employer's dream: a hard worker and a conscientious person.

You're lusty ... wanderlusty, that is. You love a good change of scene and crave travel and adventure.

You're a family man or woman, and enjoy the company of your relatives -- especially since you're a born peacemaker and can resolve unrest at home.

Your mind is your greatest (and sexiest) asset. You enjoy considering every topic, from the scientific to the spiritual, and have a lot of focus.

You're an "ideas person" when it comes to dreaming up new ventures, and you back this with business and money savvy.

Your open mind, relentless optimism and compassion for your fellow man make you a "people person" in the truest sense of the word.

You are highly ambitious and (no surprise!) yearn for independence so that you can follow your dreams however you see fit.

You're idealistic, but not naive: your rose-colored view of the world is matched with a strong gut instinct.

You are a true artist, bringing creativity to even the most mundane tasks and inspiring others with your brilliant vision.

You're "the rock" in your family and community, making sure people respect valuable traditions while making them feel at peace.

Hello, globetrotter! The unexpected twists and turns of travel excite you. Rather than fearing change, you embrace (even chase) it!

Your creative nature pushes you toward the arts, and your eloquence sells you as a true, timeless talent.

Never quite at home in the "real world," you love to ponder big ideas and live your life with a serious spiritual edge. You prefer the unseen world to that which is obvious.

Your lofty ambitions and towering goals are balanced out by your grounding savvy in finances and business, allowing you to market your talents!

Not only are you a natural leader, you're a people person -- you could be an effective, efficient manager or inspiring politician.

You are so self-sufficient that you may be miserable if you lack the independence you crave. If you're able to strike out on your own, you can thrive in a variety of fields.

You're like a mood ring, reflecting the emotions, desires and fears of the people who surround you. Your intuition is strong, but you must fight to keep a healthy distance from others.

Your creative visions and unique ideas are propelled by your determination to succeed in artistic projects.

You have the makings of a leader, and would be equally adept acting as CEO of a corporation or organizing a non-profit from the ground up.

You love change and excitement -- remember that you need both to feel truly alive, so travel often and try new things constantly.

You are family oriented, with a gift for restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in relationships.

Ever thought of being a counselor? Therapist? Political advisor? You possess a sound, rational mind and keen insight.

Whether you're a rich entrepreneur or a first-time small business owner, you're sure to succeed with your technical instincts and solid money sense.

You are a born leader and an efficient manager, capable of organizing and inspiring others, whether in a company, classroom or elected office

You have an aura of authority about you, but feel most comfortable leading others when you feel it's collaboration.

You have a rich imagination and a visual approach to every area of your life. You might wow others with your creative brilliance!

You are an artist to your very core, and have probably mastered at least one creative skill without even trying.

You're all about family and knowing where you come from, making you the nucleus of any home or community.

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