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Animal Spirit Guide the Elephant

Feb 10, 2024

Animal Spirit Guide the Elephant

The animal spirit guide elephant is wise and gentle and represents perseverance, power, and strength. If elephant has come into your life it probably means you are becoming more tuned in to your positive feminine attributes.

Totem animal elephant is family orientated and focuses on the future, having strong social bonds, the elephant inspires respect and brings powerful lessons in personal growth.

This animal spirit guide brings the message to protect the weak in your family (this includes those you consider family such as close friends), and asks you to appreciate how your family’s unity, loyalty, and love, function as a formidable protection energy around you all.

Wisdom of the Power Spirit Animal Elephant

When the elephant comes into your life it could be a signal to slow down, take things one step at a time and focus on your study / goals. The elephant totem animal also reminds you that “Some things in life are worth waiting for.”

This animal spirit guide reminds you that if you are feeling overly emotional you should use your intellect and rational mind when making decisions.

The elephant power animal brings the empathy and wisdom that may be needed to overcome upset within the family, and to help you navigate confusion and find your way.

Elephant teaches the importance of resilience, patience, and encourages you to nurture your connection and build a harmonious environment. It also teaches the importance of community values and that supporting one another through difficult times is essential.

Elephant Totem Animal History and Folklore

Totem animal elephant symbolizes libido and virility in some cultures.

Within the group the Order of the Elephant in Denmark, the elephant symbolizes devoutness, kindness, and temperance.

In Sicily the elephant totem animal is associated with sorcery and magic. It is said a powerful mage called Heliodorus could transform himself into the elephant.

In Africa the elephant is honored and thought to represent cooperation, mental gusto, long life, stamina, and piety. African lore also says that the elephants are the Chieftains of the forest, and that they are reincarnated from ancient human chiefs.

In Hinduism, the elephant is associated with Lord Ganesha, the god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune.

In Buddhism, the white elephant is thought to be a sacred creature and is therefore held in very high regard. It is believed Queen Maya, Buddha’s mother, dreamt of a white elephant carrying a lotus flower just before to his birth, signifying purity, and spirituality.
Sometimes, Buddha himself is depicted as an elephant, symbolizing qualities like mindfulness, mental strength, and spiritual power.

Elephant as your Power Animal

The elephant is surrounded by ancient wisdom and brings you the message to tap into your inner strength, might, and wisdom.
Elephants are thought to be a symbol of good luck and good fortune, bringing blessings and abundance your way.

The elephant is said to be a gentle giant. They are intelligent and have impressive memories, never forgetting where danger lies, they bring the lesson to remember positive and negative experiences, because memories are powerful when used correctly. Even past experiences can help you navigate your way in the present.

Elephants are incredibly strong and protective of their herd. Power animal elephant brings the message try not to worry because you are physically and emotionally protected.

Power spirit animal elephant may also be calling on you to protect your loved ones from imminent danger. Trust your gut feelings if something feels off, it probably is! Summon your animal spirit guide elephant and protect those you care about.

Elephant also says be more protective of your work, undertakings, and your material possessions.

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