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Animal Spirit Guide the Cat

Feb 7, 2024

Animal Spirit Guide the Cat

Animal spirit guide the cat speaks about wisdom and timing; it foretells the courage that is present within to enabling you to explore the unknown. The cat power spirit animal is a good aid for those who need to find the mettle to challenge drawn out problems or worries.

Cat symbolism has pervaded many ancient and modern cultures around the world. In ancient Egypt cats were considered like royalty and were constantly granted privileges, they guarded the temple gates and were used to fend off evil. The Egyptian Goddess Bast assumes the form of a cat.

As an ancient symbolic Celtic animal, the totem animal cat represented the guardian of the underworld it was thought that they kept the secrets of the underworld eternally to themselves. The black cat however in Celtic lore was thought of as considered evil and was sacrificed.

In Scandinavia the cat stood for fertility. The cat relates to the Norse Goddess of fertility Freya, and the Hindu Goddess of childbirth, Shasthi, and is a symbol of childbirth in India. In ancient times it was believed that witches took the form of their cats at night.

The cat totem animal

Cat symbolism is synonymous with the fears of humankind, probably because the cat is at home in the dark. This makes the cat a great and incredibly valuable assistant in the world of the supernatural and the unknown. If the cat is your power spirit animal guide, you may have discovered an exceptional helper in walking through your fears.

The cat animal symbolism is synonymous with creativity and psychic power since it is often seen as an unusual & "mysterious" behaviour. This is also reproduced in the Tarot, as we see the cat in the Queen of Wands card.

In Ancient Rome the totem animal cat was sacred to Diana, the Moon Goddess, and was thought of as the guardian of the home and a symbol of domestic bliss.

In Muslim lore, the cat is honoured for saving Mohammad from an attack by a fierce snake. Here it is believed the "M" marking on the forehead of many tabby cats is the mark of the prophet "M" for Mohammad.

Today, the cat is frequently seen as a part of our regular everyday life and is an encouraging power spirit animal for many.
Cats are incredibly independent creatures you can never actually own one it will come and go as it pleases, the cat will allow you to feed it, take care of it and love it but always on its terms. Be inspired by the cat’s spirit, find a workable balance between your personal need for freedom and time alone with the company of others and social activities.

Cat's medicine is therefore indicative of independence, curiosity, cleverness, unpredictability, healing, the ability to fight when cornered, intuition, and protection.

Cat’s healing medicine also denotes love and can help with meditation.

The energy field of a cat rotates in a counterclockwise direction, which is the opposite of a human energy field. Thus, cats can absorb and neutralise energy that affects humans in a negative way. This is part of cats healing medicine. If something is affecting you in a negative way, place a cat on your lap or find a cat to pet. Your energy field will be realigned immediately, and inner balance will be restored.

The cat is an encouraging power animal totem it shows up when you have magic and mystery in your life. The cat power spirit animal suggests you are an independent free thinker, you may feel energized at night.

The cat power spirit animal suggests you are a great organizer and will only stay in a situation that is beneficial to you, or until you are bored with it.

The cat animal spirit guide asks you not to fall victim to false values or ideals, it asks that you gain insight and knowledge from your own internal wisdom and avoid becoming a fool out of ignorance.

The cat animal spirit guide beckons you to understand that when you turn within to your own heart, mind and soul, and trust in yourself you will always be shown the truth of matters.

Totem animal the cat carries many different meanings especially revolving around balance – for example: action and observation, Independence – yet liking to be social.

The cat is an encouraging totem animal denoting agility in both body and mind. The message here is that you could be presented with new ideas and places.

The power spirit animal cat teaches that the physical and spiritual worlds are not separate, but one.
The cat is a strong and fearless animal spirit guide giving you courage and persistence. Examine the colours, character and behaviour of the cat that has entered your life. Everything about it will be mirrored in your own life.

Cats have fantastic eyesight have more rods in the retinas of their eyes which enable them to see very well in the dark. The cat animal spirit guide is often associated with witchcraft and dark magic especially black cats! This is due to the cat being associated with the realm of darkness, and typically being spotted roaming about at night.

The meaning here of the cat animal spirit guide is to pay attention to its ability to see in the dark and be at ease when most other animals and humans are not, this could be telling you to start exploring areas in your life or aspects or yourself that you do not know well yet. The wisdom of the cat power totem animal could also be telling you to listen to your dreams.

The wisdom of the cat

Know with the cat animal spirit guide you are protected.

Observe to cats and you will notice how flexible an agile they are, no matter the circumstance the cat will always manage to land back on its feet. What does this mean to you if you have the cat as your totem animal, it can mean you need to develop your flexibility at many different levels, whether it is in your physical body, mind, emotions, or spirit.

Cats are associated with the number 9 they are believed to have 9 lives, so they can afford to take some occasional big risks. The message is are you avoiding something in your life out of fear of failing so consider if you take the leap you might just find that you land easily on your feet, just like the cat.

On the flipside a cat spirit guide can also mean understanding that risks cannot be taken irresponsibly without consequence.
Frequently the appearance of a cat power spirit animal in your life denotes a time when a shake-up is needed in your habitual routines it calls for you to make changes.

If you have the cat as your power totem spirit animal, it is asking that you are inspired to revitalize your viewpoints and show the courage to integrate this into your everyday life. So, what does this mean to you if you have the cat as your spirit animal, it may be time to explore new ways to look at things.

The appearance of a cat power spirit animal in your life may imply that it is best for you to walk away from a problem that is surrounding you or monopolizing your time.

The cat is a great hunter, anyone who has watched a cat stalk a mouse will know just how skilled they are in pursuing a goal, with its superior sense of timing now of the attack.

The wisdom of the cat is to remain as quiet as the mouse observe and then act then the time is right, to enable you to be in a better position to attain your goal. Most certainly though when the cat animal spirit guide enters your life know that someone or something is trying to tell you something, listen carefully and most of all trust your intuition.

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