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A Week in the "Starz" - StarzAstroAngel - 3/4 to 3/12

Mar 4, 2019

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Date: Nov 08, 2015

Remember for now to reach for the stars, but don't sign any contracts during March. Also BEWARE OF SCAMS!! Check the product and Better Business reviews!! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Please refer to my reading for March 19th. Today's Mercury Retrograde (March 5th) ties into the 3 conjunctions of Mercury and Neptune.
The first was March 19th, the second will be on March 24th and the 3rd on March 28th when Mercury goes Direct.

3/6/19 Uranus enters Taurus
This is Big!! Uranus is an Outer planet. Therefore will take years to progress thru a sign. Uranus will be in Taurus until July of 2025. Uranus rules technology, sudden change, breakthroughs.. Taurus rules the Earth and Big earthworks/projects. Also being grounded and connected to the earth.
Children born from now until 2025 will continue to create major new inventions that will help the Earth.
Climate change and how to protect the Earth is already gaining more airtime on TV etc. We will be hearing more of this in the upcoming presidential runs. We do have the opportunity now to put major new works in place like cities with zero emission public transportation, more effective nationwide charge up stations for private electrical vehicles. Massive new solar works, for example new housing communites built with solar in place. Those types of business also make good investments at this time. Do your research on which companies to invest in. If the company makes it, you have the potential to get in on the ground floor.

Uranus is an Outer planet so it will be in Taurus until July of 2025

Mars is an Inner planet so moves more quickly. Mars entered Taurus February 14th and will be there until the end of March 2019.
March is THE TIME to launch your online global business. (Uranus rules electricity, the internet, new technologies). Mars is the launcher. Take advantage of that energy now, because it could have a lasting effect in your life until 2025.

Invest in New green technologies that are here to stay. Taurus give Uranus (innovation) the Staying Power.

3/10/19 Moon enters Taurus. Moon is Super Quick, changing signs every 2 days.
So now we have a loose conjunction of Moon, Mars and Uranus in Taurus.
The moon will nurture and support the new innovation you have chosen to launch.
Also a great time to enroll your kids in music school or listen to soothing healing music.
Stability and permanence satisfy a deep emotional need.
If you are buying a house, check the electrical first, make sure it's all working or is repairable.

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