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Tarot Card Reading

Aug 20, 2022

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Date: Aug 20, 2022

There are several free web sites and some pricey software out there that can give you a tarot reading.  The graphics are quite nice and some actually play music for your entertainment along with an assortment of decks.
How accurate are these sites and software packages, you ask?  Can you really get a "good" reading from them?  Or are they too impersonal?
Truth be told, these readings are clean, neat, well packaged and as accurate as anyone reading from a book could be.  Each card in each position has its own meaning.  The descriptions are authentic and accurate.  Some of the sites and programs even relate each card to the others.  But there's something missing...
Have a tarot reading by a real person and you'll see the difference.  There are shadings and nuances no web site can impart.  No amount of background music and gorgeously colored graphics can give you the person insights a human being can. 
There are some really good readers out there and there are a few charlatans.  It's not hard to figure the fakers out.  You can feel the difference.  The readers who pretend feel more like computer software during the reading than they feel like they are connecting to you through the cards.
Any good tarot reading is going to tell you that once they start looking at the cards, they get different images each reading.  The Emperor might mean one thing in one person's reading and quite something else for the second person, yet the card was in the same position for each reading.  The cards are a jumping off point and not the reading in and of themselves.
You will be amazed at what comes out of that reading with a human being... I know I am, each and every time!

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