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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon

Feb 7, 2016

"Light up your life"
Part 1

My guides have referenced in prior blogs, topics and even StarzBloTalkRadio the "light" that symbolizes our spiritual being. Although often used metaphorically; we believe that if our spiritual being or the soul was visible it would appear as an illuminating light. And we are not alone in supporting those theories regarding the many correlations between spirituality and "light".

There are many cultures, countries, religions and belief systems that symbolize or depict light in one form or another as being the reference for purity, positivity and the nature or source of all things good, all that which stems from the highest source or sources in positive formation.

Angels for example are depicted either as a sensational beam or splatter of light; those that share their personal and assumingly true stories of NDE (near death experiences) unanimously include a white light or light of beauty. In almost all references or associations with that which is Divine, of a higher power or serve as examples of spiritual intervention or witness contain some form of the “light”?

While quite often the spiritual light is referred to as white, it has also been described as silvery, golden, glowing and in many instances filled with all possible colors. There is no denying that the collective and a main theme of the universal purity of goodness contain some form or attachment to light.
If we then look at our physical world and our journey or path as humans; light whether natural or artificial is an essential and vital need for our existence.

Although many mistakenly give credit to science and specific genius inventions or inventors; light was not artificially created but additional sources for light certainly were. Light IS energy and universal law along with physics teaching us that energy cannot be created nor destroyed only shifted.

So we take a deeper look at the light and how all humans can utilize light in countless ways. If we take the approach that all/any light becomes a transformation of energy, then each and every light source has potential or offers the potential for that energy to become a way of shifting into a higher, more positive state of being or energy.

A few examples begin with the natural or the non-artificial light from the sun. Quite often light also contains heat and such is true with the sun. Even though direct exposure to certain rays can cause skin damage or even skin cancer, with appropriate protection the sun provides much needed nutrients or vitamins for all human beings. Other life forms, plants and even animals rely on the sun for nourishment, growth and even warmth. In modern medicine, sunlight has proven (even artificially created or duplicated sunlight) to fight off various illness and diseases such as jaundice, (liver problems) some ill-effects of cancer treatment and other less familiar disease. Psychiatry has discovered that those suffering from certain forms of dementia are aided by the use of sun or even lights when the sun sets to its natural rhythm. It also has a profound effect on those suffering from various psychological disorders, primarily depression and "seasonal affect disorder". Those that suffer from crippling diseases are found to acquire more positive outlooks, attitude and even stabilizing the physical and emotional body by sun exposure. We can reap the benefits of the natural sunlight even from a large window or being able to feel or see the sun.

Even in the coldest winter or plummeting temperatures, the feel and visibility of the sun provides warmth and engages our more positive mood or outlook. Although there may be some disagreement over whether the opposite of the sun or light is darkness or simply the absence of light, there is no denying the powerful affects that the natural light of the sun offer. And even those that resonate with or feel a strong connection to the moon, especially during a full moon; in part this connection comes from the light that is cast by a cloudless sky on a moonlit night. And just to add a fun fact; the "light" we see from the moon is actually the sun, and due to the position of these planets and the solar layout during certain seasons and phases the sun lies behind the moon invisible except for the appearance of the beautiful light. Even the color of moonlight varies from the "blue" moon to what is called the "blood" moon and variations from orange, red, green, yellow and even silver.

While we often take for granted the amazing properties that can be tapped into and used for a variety of sources, the sun rises and sets daily whether we take notice or not. When the sun is not visible to the naked eye, it is only an indication of more dominate weather occurrences such as clouds, haze and even the rotation of the earth which in some locations can create the illusion of a sunless sky. The sun is always in existence but can be blocked both metaphorically and literally by other factors.
And hopefully we can begin to realize and relate to the magnificent and limitless possibilities that exist with the solar system and sun. Those that habitually spend time outdoors or perhaps live or reside on homes that are built with extensively large windows the power of the sun. Just as any form of light, the sun not only increases visibility but has the power to "light" or lighten our spirits, emotions, attitudes and literally change or shift our day. And the sun is only ONE source of light. There are likely hundreds of alternate supplies or ways and means to use light in our world. It becomes a fairly significant and profound way of "illuminating" not just a room, or specific area, but engages the "trinity or trine" and offers a myriad of solutions to many of our challenges.

Next, artificial light and how we can tap into this resource with virtually limitless potential. ~

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