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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon

Feb 6, 2016

"Asking rather than answering"
Part 3/Conclusion

If reading on this topic resonates with you, most likely you are either currently living in that state of invention rather than factual? Or perhaps you can identify due to a prior encounter and/or relationship and have decided to make wiser choices in your future endeavors.

When we have adopted or adapted to a pattern of creating answers or telling a story regarding another person, their life and their choices or answers. In doing so we are often at risk for developing or using the same coping skills on self, our own life and our highest self thus our greatest good is not able to shine through. As all things come from or extend from the spiritual self which includes our collective connection and that to Divine, source, creator or God. We can identify these patterns as with all things by the way we feel, not the way we force ourselves to react, respond or attempt to convince ourselves to feel, but our true state of energy or being. And in general these seem to go hand in hand.

When we create the reasons (answers) the excuses or potential "why" it always creates inner conflict. When we become in conflict we often describe our self, life, situation, person or relationship as being quite "confusing" rather than admitting that something is amiss, lacking or even absent or lacking. It takes courage to view our true self-reflection and the strength to have faith in the potential outcomes to begin to release the stories and instead contemplate the truth. And as with any pattern or repetitive behavior it can be a process to shift and does require strong intentions and intense self-awareness which leads directly to external awareness. Which simply indicates seeing the world, relationships and other humans as they are or for what is the now, rather than skipping or attempting to skip that which exists replacing those with that which we desire to exist or become the truth.

Our primary measure then becomes the true feelings and the amount of energy required to uphold the creation or invention of "answers". When we have the truth, whether via self (our light and pure reflection) or that which we may be invention, answering or building in exchange for keeping a dream or a notion alive in regards to a partner or potential partner. So if we find that we are constantly needing to "talk ourselves through" something that feels off, is doubted or questionable, that in itself should be our "red flag".

Relationship whether in the building phase or moving forward those already established should not require tons of emotional and spiritual energy in order to feel comfortable, accepting or in balance. If something feels off or not quite right then we need to address our fears and simply ASK. And that does not mean implying, hoping, dropping hints or suggestions, it means taking the full risk of what may be given or answered and have the faith and trust in self that we can and will handle whatever the real or actual outcome (answers) may be. No matter how hard to attempt to avoid, ignore, excuse or deny, sooner or later whatever that reality or truth is will become known to us. And no matter how fearful contemplating facing those may be, the consequences of not doing so will always far outweigh the other.

Always keep in mind that those (including self) with no hidden agenda(s) and with honorable and honest intentions rarely have anything to hide. And actually expect the truth and feel comfortable with full disclosure. And once that has been shared, then and only then can we truly ascertain or decide whether we can accept what we have been given; which again is based on how we feel- secure, accepting and comfortable. Or concerned, unsure, anxious. We also often feel that the compromise require in either ignoring and not asking or accepting the answer assuming it's the truth becomes too high of a price to pay. Most especially in the beginning of relationships or potential relationships; a constant feeling of doubt, uncertainty or sacrificial compromise is an absolute sign or warning that this may not be worth continuing or pursuing. And why we need face to face time to get to know another human before we invest our time, energy and attach our heart and all hopes into a future with that one person.

So a few examples to compare and use as just basic guidelines; the person that has not disclosed their career or work status but only seems to be free during the day or evening. And rather than being able to ask and make plans for the following week or weekend, each and every "date" or encounter seems or is on the spur of the moment. Rather than ignore all that you are not being apprised of, ASK. That type of scenario will automatically create questions and doubts as to why plans are never made in advance. Or another example is a dating situation in which every date or encounter since the first is suggested at your home, rather than the more traditional dating entertainments such as sharing a meal, going to the movies, etc. While the explanation of either could be perfectly legitimate, the lesson here is not as much about the actual answer, but the right we have to know WHY. And rather than assume things from an undercover spy to a person not inclined to feel comfortable in crowds, the matter is known rather than using your imagination.

Or the relationship in which the other partner or person seems to travel or be gone for days at a time without any real explanation of whether work or pleasure and is not reachable via text, email or phone for days at a time. Again there are many very logical explanations and some humans are not always quick to share intimate details of their life with others. However IF the intention for you is to seek, find and build a long term relationship then it's vital that you know the answer even if that answer is personal.

These are obviously just a few of the myriad of experiences, situations that raise questions. And those on the reciprocating end are bound to question these. And that is the lesson to be shared and to navigate.

We have a right and we deserve to feel comfortable and in peace with whatever situation arise in any relationship or during the process of building a relationship. Anything less indicates first and foremost that we are lacking our personal power and our rights to feel in control of our own life. And secondly, those any/all relationships absolutely MUST be built on a foundation of truth, honor and respect. And that is impossible if we are answering, rather than asking.

So as you carry out your journey, take a moment to consider how YOU cope and if you are so busy "writing a story" about someone you are spending more time elaborating than learning; it may very well be time for you to start asking...

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