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Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial

Feb 8, 2016

Since again, there doesn’t seem to be any movement of planets into new signs, I’m going to look at what is happening in the skies right now, to get an idea what life will be like this week!

There is one major planetary placement - and that is Venus and Pluto are conjunct. These two have been talked about quite a bit in the astrological circles this week, so I thought I’d give it a spin. Given I have these two together in my own chart, I feel like I can report on the peculiarities of this astrological combination. This is an extremely complex mechanism, so I’ll outline it as best as I can.

There tends to be a negative/positive impact of Venus/Pluto. Its either/or, or black/white in nature. When someone has a Venus/Pluto connection in their own chart, there is an intensification of the romantic/desire to the point to where the love/obsession will take over the person, depending on how deep the attraction is. The switch is fully ON. (And equally, when they are not in a relationship, the switch is totally off - the person isn’t even aware of other people.)

When these people are in a relationship, however, there is a concentrated focus on something or someone else, to the exclusion of everything else. This creates a problem in that the person with the romantic focus will also want the other in the relationship to have the same singular focus back on them. This creates all sorts of messes, like jealousy, manipulation and obsession. They will also be attracted to someone who is “dark” in nature, someone who has a lot of secrets, and is extremely sexual about it.

And have been the subject of many movie plots over the years - like the “Grey” movies. This type of love seems to be glorified in the media, as being the ultimate love that anyone could possibly have. However, at its base, is fear - fear that someone is going to leave and abandon, and those with this duo in their chart will do anything to avoid that happening. And act out negative behaviors that can really threaten to destroy themselves, and the other person in the relationship.

So, is there anything positive about Venus and Pluto? Oh yes. If its navigated by those people who are interesting in the evolution of their own soul, and each other’s, and have the willingness to share the deepest secretive part of themselves with their significant other. This can stop the obsessive/co-dependent quality in a relationship almost immediately. If both people are willing to take this risk, and it IS risky, the potential for a powerful relationship is very great. There are no secrets, no withholding. Bringing mysteries into the light can completely wipe out the negativity of dark behavior. And a relationship fully in the light.

This Venus/Pluto aspect is one where we ALL are looking at the most basic, deep needs that we have to be joined to someone else, and how to manifest that. When we face the dark in ourselves, the fear, the pain of loves lost - all those things that maybe give us pause to even consider entering a relationship again - Pluto/Venus will have us looking again at it, and perhaps throwing our hat in that ring again.

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