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Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial

Apr 20, 2016

So, how is Mars retrograde working for ya? Perhaps not easy, but very analytical, in perspective? Yes, if that is how you are perceiving this eight-week period, then you’re right on the money. I have noticed there seems to be a general annoyance and minor disturbances right under the surface. I believe that is due to a part of us sneaking up to the surface of our awareness, so that we deal with that, once and for all!

I think that we’re going into a graduate course about How to Get What we Want, without pushing and shoving, and walking over people’s backs to get there. HTGWWW 101. This is truly an act of sublime subtlety, because we’re being asked to approach these things gently, and then perhaps, once we’ve found a good way to do it, move ahead with maturity and elegance. I once heard that a retrograde planet is not hair-trigger - it is fully functioning in a way that perhaps it doesn’t bother people, or yourself. The Mature Mars isn’t going to pummel, its going to finesse something much finer - perhaps even to the point of win/win?

Yes, I think that is possible. And this doesn’t mean acting passively, this means acting proactively, but not with the agenda of BEING RIGHT. You are stating what is true for YOU, without any judgements or evaluations added. And without being RIGHT. That truly is a Mars issue, whether it is backward or forward; we want to stake someone to the ground and tell them in no uncertain terms, that they are wrong, and we are right. ALL the time, no matter what.

I found out a few days ago that it didn’t take raising my voice to prove my point, I could do it in a soft, but firm, voice. When we’re doing Mars really well, we will notice that when we go for a Mars statement, we’re essentially putting our butts out there, and stating truths about ourselves that cannot be denyed, or impeached. In other words, there’s no comeback or argument for Mars - it just is, stating it true right down to the last word, and thats the end of it. And, at that point, all future issues will shift and change, because of that. Isn’t that powerful?

We have an opportunity to by-pass arguments (which are products of our past, anyway), and go straight to the truth, and don’t elaborate. The truth is simple and consise, and it doesn’t ask for a response. THIS is truly Mars, in the best possible way!

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