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Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial

Apr 12, 2016

Today is the 2nd day of the voyage of the Titanic! Well, that was 104 years ago, but it is too true! An amazing event in our history!

So, anyway, this weeks astrology shows the stationing of Mars this week, then retrograding this Sunday at 5:14am. Mars is a little more difficult than Mercury retrograde, which, by the way, goes retrograde the week after Mars goes retro. The retrograde period lasts eight weeks, and really works way more internally than Mercury does. Since Mars rules our passions and extreme emotions, such as anger, this will likely be an interesting eight weeks! What I have noticed during previous Mars retrogrades is, that potential conflicts that come up during that time, seem to fade away during that time. The Falklands war comes to mind on this - this little skermish started then just sort of backed off during the time Mars was retrograde.

What most people will notice is that there’s a frustration that will seem to build, and then it just sort of goes within, and thats it. The REAL story is that we’re all subject to explosive outbursts at time, especially when our needs don’t seem to be listened to by anyone, as well as ourselves. We have to perhaps sit with our conflicts a while, and start to figure out why those conflicts exist, at all. This is truly Mars becoming reflective, if that is possible! This Mars goes inside to reflect on motivations and intentions before they come out and are acted upon. It might mean that things are slower to start up, especially new projects - but that is OK, especially when examining one of Mars’s qualities. That quality is to start something quickly and jump in really fast to get something going. If, however, the process isn’t fully thought out, there will be stops and starts along the way.

Mars retrograde asks us to pay attention to what we’re doing, and take steps, careful ones at that, to make sure that you’re taking the right steps at the right time. When we can figure out a pattern of what we’re doing, we can better able to take things from beginning to end with a lot more ease.

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