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Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial

Apr 7, 2016

Mercury goes into Taurus and Venus goes into Aries this Wednesday.

Its unusual to see sign changes for more than one planet on one day, but we have two of them this week - Mercury goes into Taurus, and Venus goes into Aries.

Mercury into Taurus: Since Mercury is about communication, the nature of Mercury in Taurus is rather slow, said, and more deliberate. The words used are substantive; if there are agreements made with others, there will have to be something agreed upon, date set to deliver, and the promise is kept. This could likely have to do with money, since Taurus has to do with our material worth. Those who have Mercury in Taurus will have conversations that are very down to earth, and discuss things that have to do with practical, down to earth matters, and not give into flights of fancy or fantasy. Their thoughts are grounded in the here and now. So, you can figure while Mercury is transiting through Taurus, the thoughts and actions of this time will be based in the practical realities of life.

Venus into Aries. This is what sign Elizabeth Taylor had her Venus in, and she was so well known for having fights with her spouse(s). This Venus needs love in rather an odd way - through combat! More specifically, its passion. If there’s energy between two people, the more the better. The fire of passion is what ignites Venus in this case - and it also applies to the male side. Having the symbol of goddess/feminine energy in the sign of the warrior is an interesting dichotomy. The male and female energies are present, full force, in this placement. While Venus is in this sign, both sides will find a way to express themselves. Allow both to surface. They are both very important

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