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Ancient Astrology House Meanings

Aug 18, 2022

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Date: Aug 18, 2022

The First House  - Temperament, The Ruler of the Nativity, Physical Appearance.

The Second House -Sources and Timing of Material Benefit and Wealth, Additional Considerations for Wealth

The Third House - Siblings, Faith

The Fourth House - The Father and His Measure of Life, Land and Property, The End of the Matter

The Fifth House - Children, The Number of Children, Pleasure

The Sixth House - Health, Co-workers, Bound Employees 

The Seventh House - Marriage of Men, Marriage of Women, Quarrels, Partnership

The Eighth House - Death, Inheritance

The Ninth House - Faith, Dreams - Prophetic, Travel, Science and Learning

The Tenth House - The Mother, Rank and Honor, Profession and Skills

The Eleventh House - Interdependency, Self Actualization

The Twelfth House - Imprisonment and Captivity, Enemies, Domestic Animals

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