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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Complex System of Communication Part 1

Feb 21, 2016

"The complex system of communication"
Part 1

Today we begin our weekly series by looking at the many angles and ways in which we communicate. Be sure to tune in tomorrow (Monday) night; 2/22/16 for Starz Blogtalk Radio live at 8pm EST. We will be discussing the complexity of communication and offering insights, guidance and sharing our ideas on the significance of communication.

As humans we communicate on basically 3 separate or various/different levels. The most advanced of course is language and one of the main elements that sets us apart from other mammals. Rather than just using "noises", such as a dog barking or a cat hissing; we have numerous languages that are highly developed depending on religion, race and location. Whether your first language (most used) is Spanish, French or English all have a system of very intricate and complex nuances that when used with inflection and tone can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

The second way of communicating is through our body language. Again in comparison with other mammals, humans tend to rely less on body language or subtle "cues" because our language skills seem to override that instinctual need. A canine for example places great emphasis on body language and 2 or more canines in a group can literally have a full conversation, display intention or elicit a response from one another. For humans our body language can be an unconscious way of communicating with others. There are times when our body language is intended or deliberate therefore it is intended to convey a strong message. So for example putting your hands up in front of your face, palms facing outward with a pushing motion is the universal symbol for someone to "back away" or move. And other instances even while engaged in a verbal exchange our body language may be busy communicating its own message. For example folding our arms across our chest, or leaning in towards another person. There are many ways in which our body communicates whether responding or signaling a message to others.

Energy; again in comparison to animals most humans are least aware of the communication by "energy". Where animals without the benefit of a spoken language and depending on species often rely heavily on the "energy" of both other animals and humans to communicate. When humans communicate with energy it is quite often unintentional or may also be in conflict with their verbal and body communication. Think of terms we often use such as, I didn't get a good vibe from him/her. Or something just seemed "odd or off" about that person. It's possible and quite often we evaluate another human's character without having spoken a word or engaged in any verbal exchanges. But their "energy" communicated a message that may or may not have been intended or deliberate.

Because we have several ways of communicating and within each of these there are so many components, variations and way of interpretation and perception. It's easy to begin to see that communication is or can be an extremely complicated, complex way of engaging others, whether one person or many. As most languages contain various meanings for the same actual word, we cannot always just rely on a verbal exchange to be clear, concise and easy to understand. In fact communication in all of humanity and in each and every type of relationship becomes the most challenging enterprise we enter into. It is the most easily misunderstood, yet we rely on communication and mainly verbal or language to express ideas, feelings and to cultivate or build upon. It is the foundation for almost everything we look to achieve in life or in some way becomes one of the most influential ways we determine life and the intentions of others.

So join me as my guides share their insight into the world of communication and be sure to join us for deeper insights on Starz Blogtalk Radio, airing live 8-9pm est every Monday!

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