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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Spiritual Resources - Conclusion

Feb 20, 2016

"Spiritual resources"
Part 5- Conclusion
As spiritual beings, we have unlimited resources that exist from within and can be tapped into whenever we need fortification, encouragement, empowerment or simply peace and balance. It is not only our own unique spiritual energy, but the unseen cord or connection that bonds all of us to one another (the collective or universal) and of course to that of the Divine. (Our higher source, power and/or creator) It could be viewed as no matter the circumstances of our external or physical life; all living beings human, animal and other are as "best friends" able to provide the best advice, insight and guidance. While such resources are always available and without end or infinite we often neglect to maintain awareness and/or take advantage of the positive influences and energy available. As we have referred to this as also our spiritual "cache" (be sure to check on Monday's Starz Blogtalk radio-2/15) and unlike a literal basket or reserve it is never ending and able to fill all or every need.

When we talk about tapping into this amazing resource or vibrational energy; our first or foremost position is that of simply "intention". Any attempts or no matter what specific method or path we choose, it is our intention to receive that makes all possible.

We have also highlighted ways or listed a small sampling of the more popular methods for utilizing that or those intentions into action via various techniques. We also need to keep our spiritual awareness present and within our conscious mind or self to assist as a monitoring system as well as a reliable source for help during crisis, chaos or challenge. Just as the analogy of a vehicle, our connection or the pathway to our spiritual resource, "cache" becomes more easily navigated when it becomes a pattern or practiced intention. And in addition to empowerment, restoration of faith and the potential for mental, emotional and physical health and well-being, we should always maintain the relationship in the context that we would maintain a vehicle. This avoids or can help to avoid difficulties in our spiritual energy if challenged and also works to keep the "flow" of energy ever present, ever flowing.

In addition to that which we may rely on or manipulate via intentions into action, or those specific rituals, patterns or the very specific forms. We also have a multitude of "natural" ways in which we are in a constant state of connection or the transference of those energies and influences.

With intentions guided by acute awareness we may actually be more inter-connected or perhaps continually processing that or those connections without "a" need or request but the continuum of needs ever present in daily life.
The following are examples of ways in which we connect to our highest level or vibration therefore keeping the pathway to our spiritual core or our "light" burning brightly.

The way we live, choices and decisions; these refer to those unconscious or more autonomous choices we make that serve not only our personal greater good but that of the collective.

Acceptance of all other humans, lifestyles and beliefs. The less we judge, criticize or compare the higher our connection becomes and the greater the benefits.

Forgiveness and release; forgiveness indicates the ability or flexibility to deny the penetration of others, events or experiences to define our worth, value or self-image. It is not intended to alleviate our validation of the pain or suffering, or to give a "free pass" to those whom have caused harm. But to release any and all negative or obsessive thoughts and feelings associated such events or persons.

Living in faith and hope; for those that choose to view the future and especially when the future is perceived with hope and faith. (Defined as the potential for change from the past) For those that live in the energy that emits faith and hope, a "state of grace" has been achieved, also often called, "universal understanding" and this energy automatically raises our spiritual level, vibration and connection.

Releasing toxins and negative influences; whether a person, job, situation or even cognitive thought patterns; those of us that are able to easily recognize toxic energy always maintain a higher spiritual connection. This can be in some ways associated with forgiveness and grace. For those of us that can release what no longer or does not serve our greater purpose or path, and rather than expending our resources whether emotional, spiritual or cognitive in attempting to change, shift or fix that which is toxic therefore dysfunctional.

Letting our light shine; there are numerous and virtually unlimited ways in which we choose to allow our "light" to shine. While there are of course many ways we can consciously choose this path or energy, this refers to just our general state of being and how we interact with others and the world around us. So in essence, those that maintain an optimistic, open view of the world (which begins with self-view and image) do so by smiling, being open and presenting themselves as secure, happy and again living in faith and hope.

We are what we think and our thoughts reflect our emotions; for those of us that understand the close relationship to thoughts, emotions and spiritual connection we automatically vibrate in a higher and more spiritual level. This refers to our overall or general coping skills and the way we process information or stimuli and how or perhaps even why we respond. The greater our spiritual connection the stronger our boundaries and the less we allow negative thoughts or emotions to be absorbed. While this can and at times is a learned behavior or one practiced via intentional connections or pathways. It also becomes or is simply a way of perceiving life in general and in a sense becomes a symbol for the adage; "half full or half empty". When we reach the level or point where we are able to see beyond what lacks and instead embrace what exists or even the potential that the future holds we are truly spiritually connected simply by living our daily physical or earthly, human life.

In conclusion, all things that we do via our intentions to promote our "cache" and allow or encourage our spiritual ability and energy to overrule and override all other aspects or influences, the more we receive and therefore the greater the outcome as well as the future potential. And for those of us that live or choose (even if such has become an automatic way of being) to live in balance, harmony and a state of grace, we will then always be one step ahead in dealing with, recovering and rebounding from any and all of the challenges we face in life. So whether external, circumstantial or those involving relationships, the brighter our internal "light" burns the stronger our spiritual connection.

Our spiritual resources or our "cache" is our greatest blessing and truly is our pathway to creating and expanding our ability to seek true happiness, peace, balance and joy.

Life is meant to be joyful, to be lived to the fullest and embraced with all of our energy in all ways or forms. And the more aware of self and the greater the ways in which we enrich our energy, self, soul, light and path by tapping into those resources, the higher our vibration. There truly is no "cap" no shut off valve nor an end to what we have the potential to achieve, both with patterned or learned behaviors from intention such as meditation or long walks. And the way we simply choose to greet life and that which we expect is generally that which we receive!

May your "light" shine brightly and have the ability to illuminate your path and shine upon those that you cross paths with. May all challenges be overcome through the intention and connection to our "cache" and that we embrace true faith hope and love.

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