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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Spiritual Resources - Part 3

Feb 18, 2016

"Spiritual resources"
Part 3

Before we begin to look at specific practices whether ritualistic patterns we establish or choose a variety of techniques it’s important to have clarity on "why". Let's use the analogy of a vehicle. In order to gain the best performance, such as gas mileage, ability to brake or stop efficiently, we need regular servicing or maintenance. In addition to what may be considered the bare minimum to keep a vehicle running, there are additional steps of preventative care we often ignore. Although vehicles are intended for driving both short and long distances; the toll taken on the various parts that are inter-connected and inter-dependent. Also with that same vehicle, the closer attention we pay to sounds, or issues that come up that are not the same, a tire that goes low, a rattling noise not heart, trouble starting the vehicle etc. If we closely monitor the vehicle, the chances are much greater we will notice a problem or potential problem before it turns major and either renders the vehicle useless or causes costly repairs.

Our spiritual being and all of what makes us human, the emotional, cognitive and physical are much like the vehicle. The better we understand the need to "service" our energy and to pay attention to issues that may crop up the better our performance will be in all areas of our life. Although a vehicle perhaps is not expected to last 80 or 90 years possibly more, our human body and all that it is comprised of certainly is. So clarity comes when we understand the importance of "preventative" care and awareness and action when issues arise, rather than ignoring or neglecting such.

The potential outcome for tapping into, understanding and utilizing our spiritual resources keep our energy therefore our entire being, life and path in the best possible "condition" or health so that if or when an external issue occurs we are much more equipped to handle that without disconnecting or thinning out the cords that keep us attached to all of self, the collective and of course the Divine. So it is both a matter of preventing as best we can negative influences, responses or impacts and their effect on us, and being stronger and better suited to dealing with problems when they do arise.

And just as we might say with a vehicle, no matter how much care or attention we give, there are still unforeseen circumstances that occur.

So where do we start or begin? The first step is in self-awareness, in knowing how we cope and function and what is composes our highest state or level of joy, balance and harmony and what triggers often cause us to temporarily become off balance or challenged. Again journaling is still an excellent way of keeping a record of those experiences or the feelings created and energy felt when those occurred. For many of us this may be various memories, some dating back to childhood and others being those that occurred as adults. And this doesn't necessarily have to be major or hugely significant events or memories. Perhaps it is how we felt in accomplishing a personal goal. Or a day spent in the outdoors surrounded by nature. A job interview that went exceedingly well. Or perhaps it is related to a relationship or a hug from a family member. The "why" or the specifics as to a memory or a resource is not the important factor, the ability to recall how we FELT and to use that as a reflection or gauge for achieving such feelings again is the key point.

Also being self-aware (see my blog earlier this month on self-awareness) means we are familiar with those situations or "triggers" that have in the past had the ability to disrupt our balance or serenity. And again the key is not in the exact why, but the "what" and how we were able to eventually rebound or recover our footing. It becomes a process of learning by being familiar with our spiritual, emotional and cognitive self. And by keeping in mind and remembering that it is the SPIRITUAL self/core/energy that retains the ability to shift, change or elevate all other forms of our energy, traits, coping skills and ability to be stable, harmonious and in that "state of grace".

Practice makes perfect; our human life and journey is a series of experiences that are often filled with love and joy and sometimes important lessons needed to be learned. When challenges arise, regardless of where or why, the more practice we have at using various methods for establishing or re-establishing our state of grace, the faster the recovery or rebound becomes. We define state of grace as an energy, a sense of being, an inner and very spiritual sense that we are accepting of what is without allowing such to define or overpower our peace or joy, and that the future is always available and open to change via faith, hope and love.

And many of us may be using our spiritual cache or these techniques or even those we have developed on our own without even fully realizing how powerful these are in creating a balanced life. So take a moment or some time and consider what you may have "self-taught" or learned through trial and error of what patterns, habits, rituals or process you may already have incorporated into your life without actually being aware of the power and influence such has created.

So the idea of and intention we are seeking to manifest and create is the ability to draw upon our spiritual resources (the cache) to shift our energy, mood and attitude. It is a combination of intentionally changing our energy to a higher vibration- therefore a better or more fulfilling place within. While also be able to release any and all pent up emotions, energy and thoughts that serve no higher good or purpose. So that we are always aware or learn to become conscious of those first subtle changes so that we can take action before these pitfalls, obstacles or emotions no longer have negative power, but can be instead shifted into the higher power by release and choosing what we absorb and emit versus being a victim of self or circumstances.

So perhaps you ride your motorcycle or pedal a bike. Or use meditation, listen to music, exercise or meditate, whatever form we choose, should be that which resonates with our identity and is easily attained, as say opposed to taking an exotic vacation. While that certainly would reconnect us to our spiritual source, it's not for the majority something that we can turn to on a daily basis.

By now hopefully you have a good understanding of the process, the potential of such and are becoming more self-aware both in your inner early notification system and ways in which you have successfully navigated your energy and all that is affected by conscious intentions and actions.

Next; using our 5 senses.~


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