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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Spiritual Resources - Part 2

Feb 17, 2016

"Spiritual resources"
Part 2

When we think of our spiritual resources, quoting Natalie we can use the analogy of a "cache" or an unlimited unit of storage that we have constant and continual access to. Unlike a closet or a storage container, there is truly no limit to the amount of information, memories, experiences and potential that we are able to tap into. Virtually as mentioned in our show, everything we are, have been and all we need to thrive and flourish is contained within our spiritual core or center/self.

While many of us have found various ways of tapping into that energy, there are still those that find it challenging to create the conscious effort or use our intentions in ways that we can focus. In or by focus we are simply aware of our intention and we then place such intention into various actions which access our "cache" of spiritual supply. To better understand the principles; my guides often refer to the pyramid. The top or the highest energy where all is stored (our cache) is our spiritual core or self; the prevailing energy that gives us both life and light. As all living beings have their own unique light that shines both inward and externally. From the top, imagine the left bottom corner; there we have our emotional center or affect, how we express and react to various experiences and stimuli that we encounter in our life or on our path. We also have then the right bottom corner which represents our cognitive self, our analytical, logical, rational "thinking" center. This is often where we make decisions, process information or for example, do math problems or make a grocery list. The inside of the 3 corners of the pyramid represent the physical self. This is composed of all things physical, our body, health, disease and all things that effect or are a result of the physical. Our body while some parts work without a conscious awareness such as breathing or our heart beating, other parts are an extension or expression of our spiritual, emotional and cognitive functioning. So if we can envision the pyramid, we can see how all things trickle or come in some way from the top or the spiritual self/core and energy.

As we deal with life stressors, whether just a hectic daily routine or we happen to encounter a particular or specific event that is difficult or challenging. We almost always react with the physical, cognitive and emotional responses. While that is how humans are intended to handle life in a sense, this can become draining as those resources tend to be somewhat limited, unlike our spiritual core or "cache" which has no limits or limitations. So it then becomes significant and important that we employ or learn methods of tapping into that cache of energy in order to restore the other influences, energies or that which make the human a whole being. Without the aid of spiritual assistance, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, anxious, and chaotic and blocked from being able to recognize our potential and that of our future.

So tapping into and taking full advantage of the gift of our spiritual resources, our cache can often be the difference between surviving and thriving. This connection assists us in releasing negative energy and toxins as well as restoring our hope, faith and grace. And just as each of us are individuals in the sense of what we admire, desire, yearn for or even how well we cope with life. The same is also true of how we best can integrate our spiritual energy and core for the highest good or in continually being able to acknowledge and achieve our personal best.

For those that have found or are able to intentionally make use of these resources; their "light" just seems to shine a bit brighter. They may face as many obstacles in life and for some perhaps even more, but the difference lies not in what life externally gives, but how we or they internalize and process all of these energies and responses. And therein lies a huge difference and exists the ability to achieve harmony in spite of chaos or calm rather than anxiety.

Next how we use our senses to tap into our "cache" and ways in which we can practice spiritual enlightenment via intentions. ~

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