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Angel Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight

Feb 14, 2016

Be Discerning

The angel represented here is pistis Sophia (the angel of wisdom)

She suggests that you get to know what is important in your life, in not only the bigger things, but also the small things.  Be careful not to confuse being discerning with judgmental.  Pistis Sophia helps you discern real truth from perceived truth, the genuine from the superficial.  She will help you find the wisdom to act upon your situation wisely and with confidence.

She wants to make sure that you see the bigger picture of everything in your life.  There is more to life then the small stuff.  When you think something is not the way you FEEL it should be don't be judgmental toward that person, just kindly explain YOUR feelings on the subject but don't be condescending about it.  If you feel you put your foot in your mouth she will help you to deal with the situation with confidence and come out the wiser for it.

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