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Nov 24, 2021

Image: Birrthday wishes -
Have you ever met anyone who has been called "The Fixer of Everything?"  Well, here she is and it's her birthday today!
Yes, Natalie/Starzcast, CEO and President of PlanetStarz, Inc and "Mother to us All" at, and StarzBlogTalkRadio is indeed the Wonder Woman of the Internet.
Since 1998 when she "birthed" the concept of a loving, caring web presence she has shepherded these sites and her awesome group of talented, accurate readers to the success it is today.
Is there a problem?  Natalie is right there to see it fixed.  Using one of her three computer screens (yes, three) she can smooth out a wrinkle, resolve a glitch and keep things running smoothly.
Once every single month for over two decades Natalie publishes an e-Zine, Mystic Living Today.  Writers and authors send her submissions and she whips them into the right format, placing them into the month's issue.  Too many spaces between words?  No problem.  Nothing lines up in the text?  Natalie's got you covered. (
Every Wednesday (and on a few additional Fridays) Natalie's calm persona brings you fascinating guests via her podcast over on BlogTalkRadio.  Authors, writers, an opera singer and actor have been guests during this hour plus long broadcast.  She brings you wonderful, entertaining discussions and information.

But Natalie's crown jewel and where her "fixing" shines, is the awesome Starz Psychics site.  There she's put together a world-class selection of Reader/Advisors who can answer your most vexing problems, give you dependable advice and bring you peace and happiness.  Before they can be on the site, all of the Reader/Advisors are interviewed and thoroughly vetted.  Each of her Starz Family has their own special talents that brought them to the site.

Don't be fooled by Natalie's gentle countenance.  She looks like a delicate pixie with a soft smile, but underneath, she's a trooper, keeping things running smoothly and bringing the world joy, fun and entertainment with a soft, level-headed calm that belies her steel core!
So come and visit the Starz Family of sites, find entertainment and enjoyment, find your answers but most of all wish Natalie a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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