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Asteroids in Astrology

Oct 16, 2021

Image: Artist's concept of the Dawn spacecraft with Vesta and Ceres - Wikipedia
Here, from a variety of sources are the most frequently used asteroids used in Astrology along with what their influence would be in a chart.
AESCULAPIA: (Asclepius and Askalaphus) [Full number 88, root 7] ‘success’ Contact with physicians; health generally symptoms and medical conditions; self healing regarding belief-systems. A number of good judgment and common sense. A master executive number; Agreement, excellence, exercise, pleasant, vision.
AMOR: [full number 47, root 11] ‘inner wisdom reflected through organisation’ The “conditions” of unconditional love; understanding love; what interferes or blocks love and acceptance; figuring out “boundaries” or limits on what happens in the name of “love”; Conditions on whatever occurs in aspect. Words; authority, incentive, inspector, preacher, training. Impossible, probation.
APOLLO: [full number60] ‘need to be heard’ “Banging your head against a brick wall”; going against the odds; provocation; repeated lessons ;Slow to learn A family vibration, words; communication, performance, psychoanalysis, understanding, investigator.
ARACHNE: [full number 50] ‘intellectual freedom’ Contact with weaving; creation of intrigue and entanglement; entrapment ;Intricate detail; knitting; layered complications/meanings; macramé, network; spider webs; woven fabric/thread. Fearless ‘intrepid’=50, ‘diversity’=50 joy=50 Words; engineer, explorer, investigate, professor, prophesy, technician. Endangered, ignorance, intolerable revolting.
ASTRAEA: [full number 65], ‘the group learning by experience’ an inability to read beginnings and endings or to “let go” of things; staying to “the end” bitter end ; believing that “its not finished yet” even if it already is; blocked closure; people or events; the witnessing of events. Thoughtless interference.
ATLANTIS: [full number 96] 15/6 ‘inappropriate, unappreciated ‘body’ needing to be voiced’ Abuse of resources; access to inside or confidential information; an impending doom; belief in deserved punishment ; invasions of privacy; importance of confidentiality/use of knowledge; talents or information; warnings; water disasters. The need for responsible caring.
ATROPOS: [full number 104] 5 ‘freedom’ 10-completed 4-form Completion; conditions at the finish, Endings; what is needed to conclude.
BACCHUS: [full number57] 12/3 ‘making negative conditions better’ Addiction; attempts to manage feelings; contact with orchards; excess; intoxication; people and situations through substitution or avoidance; pine and fir trees; vineyards. Words; cooperation, prevention, perfection. Negatively its negligent.
CERES:[full number 50] ‘of the senses’ Food ; growths/cysts; herbs and grains. mothering as in taking care of, nurturing need; the relationship between mother & child; plants and animals; Deals with indulgence and balance of stimulation, irresponsibility, adaptation and perversion.
CHILD:[full number 36] ‘creativity’ Attitude to children, childish reactions, own childhood events, innocence and maturity Kindness/responsibility and honesty. Fortunate in money, overcoming problems with faith and patience. Negatively, argument, despised, dogmatic and problem.
CHIRON: [full number 67] 13/4 ‘well thought of’ Accentuation of differences from categories; adolescent crisis; effecting turning points or changes in status; expression of unique or individualistic views and behaviours; refusal to conform with parental or societal expectations and standard norms; exceptions/exemptions to the rule(s). Note that Chiron has been classified a comet, not an asteroid. Administration, distinguished, practitioner.
CIRCE: [full number 38] 11 ‘ a gift of vision’ Acting as a facilitator; being of assistance & coming to the rescue; helping, understanding the motives for help. Bringing enlightenment; healing. Negatively; cowardly, narcotic, traitor.
CUPIDO-A: [full number 69] 15/6 ‘attracting attention’ 1-self 5-charming, 69-unfulfilled needs appreciation. Art and beauty interests; attraction; concern about appearances; “for the sake of appearances” “keeping up appearances”; relationship concerns; the face or complexion; the “look” of something; Vanity;
DAEDALUS:[full number 67] 13/4 ‘ abstract made real’ Affinity with metals; Architecture; cleverness; creative; design; leaving the consequences to others; instances of feeling like an honored slave; jealousy; “The artful dodger;” The engineer, mechanic, mathematician, musician, teacher.
DEMETER: [full number 70] care-taking relationships; food, growing things; diet, Mother-Child relationship; nutrition & meals.
DIANA: [full number 29] ‘spiritual power’ Attunement to animals and nature; being hunted; feeling “chased;” elusive, hard-to-find or difficult-to-pin-down behaviours and reactions.
EROS: [full number 57] eroticism; reproductive organs; sexuality; the heart & cardiac system; the history, the Will to Live; what “turns you on;”
EURYDIKE (Eurydices) [full number 98] Dependence on people, issues or behaviors of aspects feels like a matter of life and death; drama of dependence & reliance through aspect pattern.
HEBE: [full number 20] Codependency, service attitudes; service industry ie waitresses, secretaries, receptionists, bartenders, etc; putting up with the egocentric, emotionally immature or demanding behaviors of others;. waiting-on others;
HEKATE: [full number 50] Crone; dreams; knowing; intuitive wisdom; protective mother; Hekate is sometimes important at or in connection with childbirth, and can show what wisdom is gained at other life passages.
HEPHAISTOS: [full number 120] contact with metals; cripple; lameness; parental abandonment (mother) “an issue” between the parents; tendency for an unlikely match in relationship (i.e., variations on The Beauty and the Beast!;).
HERA: [full number 32] Events through partners & partnership; Issues of “rights” between people; jealousy; relationship dynamic and parental model; maintaining fairness in dealing with others;
HIDALGO: [full number 56] Contact with Latin American, Mexican or Spanish peoples; foods and cultures; revolutionary governments; standing on principle & saying what's on your mind (but challenging aspects can = secrecy & expedient disclosure); watching what you say; (or those based on an ideology).
HOPI: [full number 48] Attack or ambush; contact with knives/cutting; corn-based foods; culture; deep-seated defense feathers; indigenous peoples; memories and behavioral inclinations; minority groups; Native American peoples; perceptions; snakes and ambushes (inc. psychological); territorial claims and disputes;
HOUSE: [full number 68] When “place” is important in predictive work; residence and “at home.”
HYBRIS: [full number 81] Expectation, glass-ceilings, future expected, their lot in life; expectation of others; what others, parents, you see as “your fate;” conditioned limitations.
HYGIEA: [full number 55] Medical concerns and health (especially issues related to FITNESS;) “hygiene” and cleanliness.
ICARUS: [full number 71] Careless escapes without thought of consequences; desire to “leave” the fast break impulse; attraction to speed, danger or risk; desire to get away from restrictions (of aspecting points).
INDUSTRIA: [full number 115] Facilitates identification of career and work interests, abilities, and matters.
ISIS: [full number 56] Sibling relationships; issues involving “scattered” locations, ideas, people and things; fragmentation; sense of needing to “get or put it together;” desire to make things whole.
JUNO: [full number 60] Partners; marriage/relationship; maintenance of one's rights or position with other; question of “rights” and fairness/compromise; enforcement of fairness; potential for score-keeping, jealousy, fears of abandonment & infidelity; tallying (£££ & fairness).
KASSANDRA:[full number 71] Wasted breath! Advise & consent roles—offering advice or prophecies; questions about whether to believe what others say (whether to follow advice); offering counsel; broadcasting ideas; lecturing; auditory sensitivity; hearing difficulties.
KLOTHO: [full number 81] Conditions (fate and expectations) at the beginning; initial understanding, what is apparent at the start, origins/beginnings in general. [See also, Lachesis for the middle and Atropos for the denouement or ending]
LACHESIS: [full number 76] Intervention, assessment mid-way into a sequence, what “interrupts” an evolving sequence from going as one would have expected (from the way it began or is underway.)
LILITH:[full number 70] Triangulation; competing; selection & rejection; decisions (regarding angle or aspects;) divided loyalties; favouritism; gender stereotypes; use of sex or rejection for dominance.
MINERVA: [full number 82] Broad perceptual skills; strategies to deal with situations and people; “calculations” (whether dealing with math or public relations); figuring things & people out. [See also Pallas Athena]
NEMESIS: [full number 84] The Undoing, the Achilles Heel, seeking to place BLAME; “scapegoating;” finger-pointing; identification of “the enemy,” fault, or source of a problem.
NIOBE:[full number 45] Humbling lessons through excess pride in one's children, fertility, virility or creativity (including creative products).
ODYSSEUS:[full number 127] Exile, extended trip or absence, long journey, ex-patriate, to feel rootless or homeless—a stranger in a strange land, to be sent away from “home.”
OPHELIA:[full number 66] A point of over-reaction and counterproductive reactions (linked to mistrust of one’s value to others and concern about deception.)
ORPHEUS: [full number 102]  Sad, sweet or haunting music, lyrics or poetry; dirges; sense of mourning and loss; grief (for what you don't have—what has gone out of your life¼what “might have been” or what was); contact with death.
PALLAS ATHENA:[full number 110] Approval-seeking; strategies of relating; perceptual skill; whether one is willing and/or able to do those things that will please another. [See also Minerva]
PANACEA*:[full number 41] What you believe it takes to find solutions, cures or remedies for problems (and not only those related to the health.)
PANDORA: [full number 69] Encountering unexpected consequences; getting “more than you bargained for;” being enticed by a curiosity, new idea, person or situation—and finding that it has set you on a whole new path; agitation.
PERSEPHONE: [full number 121] Attitude toward “leaving” or “being taken or sent away from¼home, family or familiar conditions;” memories of what separated you from mother/family (even emotionally); how you handle transitions and the rites of passage in your life (going to school; the adolescent crisis; separation for marriage or career; mid-life, etc.,). [See also Proserpina]
PHAETHON:[full number 96] Instances that involve cars, transport, driving; other forms of recklessness—feeling out of control—as though you’ve taken on more than you can handle; having trouble keeping to the middle of the road!
PHOTOGRAPHICA: [full number 115] While useful for showing the importance of photography and visual images, Photographic also relates to the brain’s ability to retain and interpret visual imagery.
PROSERPINA:[full number 131] Separation anxiety; leaving; going away; what you believe will happen if “mother's not there to take care of you;” the conditions you attract as you approach a transition or separation.
PSYCHE: [full number 61] Recognition of childhood trauma; raw wounds psychologically; vulnerability; memories; insight; psychic impressionability; psychological recovery; the state of your “mental health;” head wounds; brain states.
REQUIEM: [full number 79] As well as a connection to the ceremonies of death (and the formalization of grief,) Requiem stands for a place of acceptance, a cessation of struggle. Whether one should be AT
PEACE with the people, actions and events shown by aspecting points is the issue!
SAPPHO: [full number 67] Friendship; bonding; feeling close to or the same as others; kindred spirits; having things in common; artistic interests; shops/galleries. Sappho as “pairs” assumes another importance in medical astrology.
SISYPHUS: [full number 136] Starting over; the “uphill climb;” feeling like you're running' against the wind! It’s having to “go back to the beginning;” getting the rug pulled out from under you just as you thought you were getting somewhere; dogged rejection of defeat.
SIVA: [full number 51, 52] also SIWA*: Episodic, catabolic (breakdown/through) process that precedes insight; destruction of density/fixated beliefs (relative to aspects); crisis of death (stagnation) or regeneration; The Far East (inc. Vietnam, India, China, Malaysia, Japan;) periodic occurrence; ascetic; attention to sound.
SPHINX: [full number 90] “Unsolved Mysteries!” Enigma, paradox, questions, missing information, lack of answers and understanding (about points in axis or aspect.)
TANTALUS: [full number 108] Teasing; temptation; times when what is wanted is just out of reach; excessive hunger or thirst; failures of gratitude; problems with giving the right thing to the right person; feeling as though one is “tested on whether they know” about aspecting or axis factors.
TERPSICHORE: [full number 136] Dance, aerobics, exercise that increases flexibility; coordination, agility, grace and mobility; flexion muscles; body image/ego; gestures; body language.
TISIPHONE: [full number 115] Seek justice for "crimes against kinship, family;" dose of one's own medicine; fairness; just desserts; how and where and if one gets “what they deserve.”
TORO: [full number 68] Machismo; bullying; intimidation; doing hard, physical work; strength (muscular); muscle flexing—psychologically or physically; challenging others; rough treatment; competitive; football; prizefighting; toughness.
URANIA: [full number 64] Astrology; astronomy; handling theoretical, hypothetical or abstract principles and information; logic and rationality; ability to “see the big picture” and not be dissuaded by instant details; an intellectual framework; apperception—intellectual “context.” Bias and distortions to rationality and conceptual ability.
VESTA: [full number 67] Commitment to work; using work as a compensation; dedication to accomplishment or goals; emotional distancing; hard work and career demands; impersonal; sublimation of other interests into the career or vocation; sacrifice/denial of self (by others/self) for a “greater goal.”

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