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What Are The Birth Flowers For October?

Oct 11, 2021

Image: Cosmos and marigold -
Every month of the year has a birth flower, or, in this case, two, that symbolises it according to Certain characteristics of these blooms are said to be inherited by the people born within each month, and October babies are particularly lucky. They’ve got two standout blossoms connected to them: the colourful cosmos and glorious marigold.
Cosmos got its name from the Greek “kosmos”. The word means harmony, order, and the world at large. Spanish mission priests in Mexico popularised them when they cultivated this gorgeous bloom in their gardens and named it in part due to its evenly placed petals.
This blossom expresses balance and order because of the grace and symmetry of its simple beauty. They produce daisy-like flowers in a range of colours, including maroon, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow.
Cosmos Meaning & Symbolism
Cosmos’ symbols are innocence and love, but can also speak to balance, beauty, joy, and modesty. This flower’s scent and its bright colours are what connects it to the ideas of peace and wholeness.
Cosmos Interesting Facts
Because cosmos have central disks with petals around it, people say it resembles a container of some kind. This is why it’s called the “basket flower” in some places in the world. They actually have many names, so when you hear people talking about pompons, soccer mums, or spider daisies in a floral context, they’re discussing cosmos!
What Do Cosmos Say About October Babies?
Because of their deep connection to peace, people born in October are usually very even-tempered, keeping a cool head no matter what is going on around them. They are gentle souls who look out for their loved ones and sweeten your life with their companionship, care, and love.
Tips For Buying Cosmos
Have some kind of idea what colour palette you are looking for before you visit a florist. Don’t get too attached to what you come up with, but having a general sense of what hues you’re interested in will simplify the buying experience. You’ll be able to navigate all the lovely blooms without falling victim to sensory overload!
Marigolds are available in mahogany, orange, red, and yellow, or combinations of these colours. They can have single or double flowers and range from between 6 inches to up to 3 feet. They’re popular garden plants because they attract hoverflies, ladybugs, parasitic wasps and other insects that protect the rest of your flowers from harmful pests.
The blooms, particularly the single-flower cultivars, also draw bees and other vital pollinators. And their charm and prettiness make them a wonderful gift option for your October-born recipient.
Marigold Meaning & Symbolism
Marigolds traditionally symbolised despair and grief over the loss of a loved one, which is surprising when you consider how cheerful the flower is. In truth, however, their bright orange and yellow colours stand for the light that guides our dearly departed to their final resting place. The vivid hues also stand for the warmth and beauty of the rising sun and the power it has to resurrect.
Nowadays we focus on the sunnier aspects the marigold represents, like optimism and prosperity.
Marigold Interesting Facts
The name “marigold” has its origin in religion, as many plants do. Originally, we knew it as Mary’s Gold, named after Jesus’ mother. These days, marigolds play an important part in a Mexican equivalent to the Catholic All Souls, or All Saints, Day. Día de Muertos or Día de Los Muertos, The Day of the Dead, takes place over November 1 and 2 every year.
Día de Muertos is a time when families gather together to honour and remember deceased loved ones. People believe that the dead can return to earth over these two days to visit the people they left behind.
What Do Marigolds Say About October Babies?
Marigolds’ diversity lends October babies cheerfulness, joy, wealth, and success, and make them very lucky in the love department! People born during this time of the year will work hard to achieve the wealth and success they usually end up with.
Tips For Buying Marigolds
Look the flower over for physical damage of any kind and check for signs of disease, pests, or wilting. Buy only the strongest blooms you can find, with sturdy stems and healthy-looking leaves.
Buying Flowers For An October Birthday:
Use your new knowledge about cosmos and marigold flowers to create a thoughtful gift for the most important people in your life.
For Your Mom Or Dad
Pink cosmos symbolises tenderness and maternal love, so it’s a great choice as a bouquet for your parents.
For Your Partner
Crimson cosmos is a message of deep love and serious sensual attraction. Combine them with the sunny marigold to tell your significant other how you view them and that you’re optimistic about a long and happy life together.
For Your Grandparents
In the olden days, cosmos had connotations of longevity, so a bouquet of these flowers as a gift for your grandma and grandpa tells them you hope they’ll be in your life for many years to come. Pairing it with the sunny marigold will convey the message that they bring you joy.
For A Friend Or Colleague
One of the many things that cosmos symbolises is innocence, loyalty, and sincerity. This makes them perfect for friends or colleagues that have welcomed a new baby into the world. White cosmos particularly denotes friendship, modesty, and peace so they make a lovely gift for the people in your life who fall into this category.
The Thought Really Counts
Floral gifts easily make birthdays and other celebrations a lot more memorable as it is. And when you add this level of thoughtfulness, examining each bloom’s symbols and meanings, this fact gets magnified many times over. It tells the special people you care for that they mean a lot to them and that you spend time thinking about them.

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