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Why Do I Look Fat In Some Mirrors? .

Sep 19, 2021

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Do some Mirrors make you look fat? Do I look fat in the Mirror? Why do I look fat in some Mirrors asks
    Different light settings
    Lighting conditions have a significant impact on how you look in the mirror. You will look distinctive if the light effects are switched. If the light descends on any part of your body and creates a shade, then you might seem fat in the mirror.
    Different mirror curves
    Mirrors are manufactured differently; hence, as per the mirror’s curve, you might appear fat or slim in it. A slight curvature along one axis can make the person seem either thin or fat, depending on the mirror’s curve.
    The mirror is thin
    A thin or unframed mirror that is leaning up against the wall makes you look comparatively thinner. If the glass of your flat mirror is bent, then the reflection of your picture might change, and you might look slimmer. On the other hand, if you opt for a thick mirror or a wall-mounted mirror, it is more expected to give you a genuine reflection.
    The mirror is old
    When the mirror gets older, it might bend slightly, and because of that, it might distinctly reflect light. This change in the reflection of light might make you look desperate. Hence, if you feel this change, it might be time to opt for a new mirror to get the appropriate looks.
    Some mirrors make you shorter
    After looking in various mirrors, you might have felt that you look shorter. The reason behind it is the effect of bent. This usually follows with old mirrors that bend under the force of their own height. Therefore making you look shorter and fat as well. (See Why do I look ugly in some Mirrors?)
    It’s a perception problem
    As per a study done by psychologists, your thoughts and beliefs can significantly affect your perception. You would see something that you are thinking about; for example, if you are concerned about getting fat, then you might feel that you are looking fat when you see yourself in the mirror.
    Light is directly above your head
    If a heavy light is befalling above your head, then you might seem to be fat as the shadows produced by the light make you look bumpy. (See Why do I look different in different mirrors?)
    The walls absorb light
    The colour of the walls also has a substantial effect on how you appear in mirrors or photos. The reason behind it is that if the colour of the walls is such that it absorbs the light, then it might create a bad reflection and make you look old and fat.
    The light is very intense
    If the room has very flashing lights, it might centre on all the imperfections and flaws in your body; hence, you might look fat.
    The room has white light
    White light is contemplated to be very gruff when it comes to manifesting the imperfections in your body. Therefore, if you have white light in the room, then you might look fate in the mirror, so if you want to appear thin or the way you look, then change the colour of the walls in your room.

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