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Indigo- Rainbow- Crystal Children & Adults

Aug 30, 2021

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Our planet is populated by more than just "normal" human beings.  We are all part of various soul group and this article from gives us some insight into all of it.
~Indigo-Rainbow-Cystal Children & Adult Traits & Characteristics
Starseed Children Of Earth
~Indigo Children~ First Wave
Character Traits:
Have strong self esteem, connection to source.
Their auras are indigo, hence the name Indigo Children.
Know they belong here until they are told otherwise.
Have an obvious sense of self.
Have difficulty with discipline and authority.
Will incarnate into highly dysfunctional homes to clear past karma and have immense soul growth in this lifetime.
Refuse to follow orders or directions.
Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience.
Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity. They are highly creative and need that outlet to thrive.
Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school.
Are mostly nonconformists.
Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons and will question everything; truth seekers.
Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks.
Prefer organic foods as they are highly susceptible to environmental toxins, this includes household cleaners, pesticides, paraben candles and chemical based personal care products. They prefer the things that go in and on their bodies be clean and toxin free. They prefer their environment the same.
They are sensitive to artificial lighting such as fluorescent lighting. It will through them off balance and create headaches.
Are easily distracted, can do many things at once.
Display strong intuition.
Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy.
Develop abstract thinking very young.
Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent.
Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, as their attention is usually dialed to higher dimensions, but can focus when they want to.
Are talented daydreamers and visionaries.
Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes, they are old souls.
Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic skills.
Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage. May have suicidal thoughts or tendancies due to the feeling of not fitting in.
Need our support to discover themselves.
Soul Purpose:
Are here to change the world by breaking down old systems of government, political, environmental, religion and finance and create new and better ways that will be in the best interest of humanity; to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet.
~Crystal Children~ 2nd Wave
Character Traits:
Are highly psychic. and possess a natural lie detector.
You can spot Crystals by their eyes. They have large eyes that look wise beyond their years.
They are old souls and even as children, look like an old spirit in a young body.
Their attention is concentrated on vibrations and is always dialed to higher frequencies leaving little attention for lower vibrational situations.
When they look at you, it feels as if they are looking into you rather that at you. This is because they are looking into you. They are reading you and scanning your frequency.
They are often called ‘serious’ children. They are not, they are very playful. Their old soul shines through making people think they are serious.
They will tolerate authority as it is the Indigo job to buck the leaders. They know that any authority they must endure is only temporary.
They are Universal Love. They are gentle. They love to give spontaneous shows of affection.
They are forgiveness and Oneness. They are Christ Consciousness and will speak the Word of God from a very young age. They are here to share the same message as Christ: Peace, Love, Forgiveness and Oneness.
They are highly Empathetic.
They are highly telepathic and prefer this mode of communication.
They are often misdiagnosed as having Autism or Asperger’s Disorder. They do not begin to speak until 3 or 4 years of age. They do not need to. They only speak because we need them to speak. When they do decide to talk, they will usually need speech therapy as physical words are foreign to them.
They can read our thoughts. They cannot determine between general thoughts and private thoughts. To them, there are no private thoughts. Because they cannot comprehend private thoughts, they have no understanding for personal space. Since we are all One, there is no such thing as personal space to them. They thrive at the Unified Field of Consciousness.
Their aura is crystalline. It has soft pastel colors.
They are natural vegetarians. If they eat any meat at all, it will not be red meat. They feel the vibrations of the food they eat and prefer high vibrational foods such as raw, organic veggies, fruit smoothies and juices.
They often prefer the company of animals to people. As children, they prefer adults to other children. They will interact with other kids if they have a matching vibration. If other children do not match their vibration, they can only play for a limited time. Then, they must go back to their parents or animals to recharge.
They wait and observe strangers. Once they determine a person is trustworthy, they will show them love through hugs, kisses and words.
They open the door to telepathy which will one day be the sole source of communication to the world.
They will incarnate into dysfunctional homes; however, they overcome karma quicker than most.
Soul Purpose:
They bring Crown chakra energy to the world. They are here to teach the world how to reconnect to Divine Sacred Source. They will show you Inner Divinity. They are natural caretakers and have natural healing abilities. They love to play and work with crystals, as they can feel the healing vibrations of crystals and read its energetic signature.
~Rainbow Children~ 3rd Wave
Character Traits:
Have very strong willed and have strong personalities.
Are very high energy.
Are very attuned to color and color vibrations around them.
Have passionate creativity.
Love bright clothing and colorful environments.
Bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life.
Expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need.
Are natural healers.
Are telepathic.
Very few currently incarnated. Parents are crystal adults.
Never incarnated before.
No past life karma.
Do not choose dysfunctional families.
They are all about service to others.
May have big eyes like the crystal children, but they are totally trusting. Entirely fearless of everybody.
Have rainbow colored auras.
The rainbow children are the third generation of special children that have come to help humanity evolve. Different from the Indigo and Crystal children, Rainbow children have a few more interesting characteristics.
As the name implies, the Rainbow children come to earth with a few more other spectrum of ray color. They are born on the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness.
As many people might have experienced it, the Rainbow children bring joy and harmony to their families. Unlike the Indigo and Crystal children, the Rainbow child is born to smile, which is accompanied by their huge hearts that are full of forgiveness.
The Rainbow child generally recovers from the state of negative emotion quickly. This is also an important key that they hold, emotional mastery. Rainbow children are psychic and have the ability to read people’s feelings. This gift is usually revealed, as they grow older.
Rainbow Children are psychic. Beyond this and perhaps more so, they have strong wills and strong personalities. Their gifts do not stop there. They are known to be natural healers and instant manifestors. It is said that whatever they need or desire they can instantly manifest.
As would be expected, they have a connection to color. In fact they resonate with the colors around them. They are drawn to color, colorful surroundings and brightly colored clothes. Their energy is expressed in other ways too, as they are high-energy children. Their enthusiasm is demonstrated in their creativity. The Rainbow children are thought to be the builders of the New World, using Divine will.
At a young age, the Rainbow children are able to express their needs and wants. These children actually own a great deal of personal power. Rainbow children may be misinterpreted as stubborn. However, that is our misconception. Rainbow children are born with knowledge on proper character integration. This will develop depending on their parents because the character integration will change if there is negative programming given to the child. As a Rainbow parent, the idea is to recognize what positive traits your Rainbow child holds.
Rainbow children will also have immunity against junk food. Most Rainbow children are able to handle mutated cells and food products, which may result in poisoning. This is considered a very important ability, as most people may not recognize the toxins contained in junk food and the Rainbow child can take and process these types of foods with no problem. This is because of the blood that the Rainbow child carries, which has the ability to cleanse the toxins and unwanted bacteria in the food and air. So a Rainbow child may have a lot of physical clearing in the beginning stages of life. This will change once they grow older and learn how to clear ethereally or spiritually.
Astonishingly, the Rainbow children come with no karma. Rainbow children will enjoy the life on earth learning with absolutely no strings attached to their past. This is because they do not really continue from any previous cycle of reincarnation. This is also why they have a very high-energy frequency and physical energy.
The rainbow child is very hyperactive. They can run the whole night and really tire you out. This is a problem that parents of Rainbow children might face. Parents of Rainbow children should understand that their children are special and parents should appreciate the gifts they have. These gifts will help you evolve as they evolve with you.
The rainbow children are just starting to show up on this planet, although there are already some scouts around. More Rainbow children will arrive as children of the Crystal children and also when humanity raises their vibrational frequencies and universal consciousness of the concept of oneness.
Rainbow children are already attuned to the world we are moving towards when things will instantly manifest. Humanity as a whole is not there yet, so the mass consciousness grid holds back instant manifestation from being commonplace. A toddler has a hard time understanding that. They feel if they “think” juice, well then juice ought to naturally appear instantly. In higher dimensions this may be true and it will be true here on Earth as well, thanks to the Rainbow kids making it so.
Rainbows are highly sensitive, loving, forgiving, and magical like the Crystal children. The difference is that the Rainbows have never before been on earth, so they have no karma to balance. The Rainbows, therefore, choose entirely peaceful and functional households. They don’t need chaos or challenges to balance karma or grow.
As the other Crystal children grow older, they will be the peace-loving parents who birth the new Rainbow children.
Soul Purpose:
Rainbow children are absolutely open hearted, love unconditionally, and have no fear towards any stranger. Unlike the Crystal children who only display affection to people warranting their trust, the Rainbows are universally affectionate. They heal us with their huge heart chakras, and envelop us in a blanket of rainbow-colored, healing energy that we so sorely need. They are our earth angels and Earth keepers.


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