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How To Make A Crystal Elixir A Simple Vibrational Medicine

Aug 27, 2021

Image: Rose quartz crystal points -

How to make a crystal elixir (also known as gem waters), using the direct and indirect method according to These high vibrational potions will add some sparkle to your day.

One of the simplest vibrational medicines that you can easily prepare yourself at home, crystal elixirs are waters infused with gems or crystals, preserved in alcohol (or glycerol). During the infusion process, the water becomes attuned with a gem or crystals specific vibration – it’s signature.

When you take a small amount of the elixir, you are taking on the vibration of the crystal - so for example, a rose quartz elixir as I've photographed here, gives the vibration of love.

There are two simple methods to follow depending on what crystal you use. Typically, natural crystals in the quartz family, such as clear quartz, rose, citrine and smoky quartz, are all quite safe to infuse directly into water. This is called the 'direct' method.

Other crystals may actually be toxic, leach minerals or dissolve into water - so to be safe, they need to be placed within a smaller glass jar, sat inside a larger vessel. This is called the 'indirect' method.

Crystal Elixirs: The Direct Method

First things first, select a crystal, choose one specific to your particular needs, rose quartz for self-love, amethyst for healing, or simply choose clear quartz and infuse it with an intention.

Cleanse the crystal, there are many ways to do this, the method I use is to simply hold it under running water, and visualise white light washing over it. All negative and old energies will simply wash away.

Place your crystal in a glass vessel, and pour spring water over it.

Leave the vessel out in the sun to receive solar energy throughout the day, or under the moonlight for luna energy.

Strain the liquid - as it may have collected debris such as leaves or twigs, through a paper filter, direct into a large glass bottle. Keep going until it is two thirds full, then add one third vodka or brandy as a preservative. Remember - water is the perfect medium for bacteria to grow, so this part is essential.

Label and date your large bottle as the 'Mother' elixir.

Fill a smaller glass dropper bottle with water, and add a dozen drops of the Mother elixir. Now you have a portable sized elixir to use throughout the day. Even though it only contains a small amount of the Mother, it is enough for the vibrational signature to transfer over to the new medium.

Crystal Elixirs: The Indirect Method

If you are using anything other than quartz, then place your crystals in a glass jar, then place that within another vessel. I like to use a small jam jar, placed in a large glass mixing bowl.

Fill the bowl (not the smaller jar) with spring water, and, as above - set it outdoors to infuse.

From here, follow the steps as mentioned above to make your crystal elixir!

Gem waters using the indirect method

Crystal Elixir Dosage

If you have poured some of the Mother into a smaller dropper bottle, you can take 4-5 drops of the essence on the tongue three times a day. You can take the elixir like this for up to a month.

Enjoy my high-vibing little Witches!

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