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A Good Psychic Reading - Come Visit the Starz

Jul 18, 2021


Every day thousands of people spend a lot of money on psychic readings.  Whether you believe in psychic ability or not, it is a fact of life.  There are all sorts of reasons folks seek out a psychic reading.  The most common one is romance.  They also have questions concerning work, finances, children, parents, moving, friends, pets, health, lost items, to connect with people who have crossed over, and many more.  
There is a way to get a comprehensive reading that can aid in the decision making process of your life.
First, you need to understand what a reading is.  A psychic reading attempts to give you insight in order to lead a more productive life.  The psychic attempts to connect with guides (both theirs and yours) to glean information you can use to find the answers to your questions.
What is a psychic?  They are professionals whose extrasensory perception is well developed.  (Most everyone can learn to play the piano, but not all become concert pianists.)  We all have some sort of intuition, but not all of us can connect to Spirit in the same way.

There are many different types of readings.  Some psychics use only their clairvoyance while others use tools, like cards or runes.  Some can touch an object belonging to the person asking for the reading and get messages in that manner.  All methods used are valid.  Just make sure you are comfortable with the psychic… that is paramount.  Comfort means you will get more information and the psychic will be able to read you with more accuracy.
The reading can take place in person, by phone, online or even through e-mail.  The psychic can truly make the connection, it depends on his or her guides.  As long as the psychic can even develop a rapport you will receive a good reading.
During the reading the psychic will generally give inform you as to what they pick up around you.  Some are mediums and can sense Spirit from the other side so you may even get a person you have known coming through.  If that is the type of reading you desire, make sure you are specific that’s what you want.  Not all psychics do the same thing. Some specialize, like connecting to the deceased or healing animals.
Bring up questions you want the answers to if they are not answered during the reading. Also don't give too much information in advance, let them ask their guides.  If they need qualifiers they will say so. Asking questions is an important part of a reading and because the psychic is connected you should be able to get answers.  At times psychics channel without realizing that they are.  You will hear phrases repeated word for word. That is what a channeler does.
Remember, a psychic in real life is not like the ones you see on TV where it’s all drama and set up to make you want to tune in next week!  Real psychic energy is, a lot of times much more subtle.  Maybe your reader didn't pick up on your kindergarten best friend’s name, but sees that your current boyfriend was stepping out.
How often should you get a reading?  Asking the same question day after day does not fix things or allow time for events to unfold.  Also, the greatest psychics are not a 100% accurate, so if they claim unbelievable accuracy statistics, run away, it’s a gimmick.
As a rule, get a general reading, once a year.  You can compare it to a tune up on your car.  If you are specifically working on an issue, then get a reading as needed.  If different issues crop up, by all means get a reading so you can resolve things.
How much do you pay? The truth is the range is vast.  Internet sites normally  charge by the minute.  If you trust the person you speak with this can be great.  But unless you are talking to Sylvia Brown herself, stay away from really high and really cheap rates.
WARNING:  Be aware of anyone who wants money to remove a curse.  Most spiritual people disagree on what a curse is or if there is such a thing.  The truth is, giving someone $3000 to remove a curse, doesn't.  It only removes $3000 from your bank account.  It is fraud.  There is never a reason to give a psychic more than the agreed upon fee.  They will not bring your lover back, guarantee health, wealth, fame or happiness.
How do you choose a psychic?  A good suggestion would be through referral.  There are certification programs, but some of them are up for debate as to their authenticity.  Don't be afraid to stop a reading if it feels weird.  Be wary of statements like "I see many good things for you," or "You have had much pain in your life," and nothing constructive or instructive follows.  Those statements without an explanation or solution speak to a weak or bogus reader.  Who hasn't had pain in their life?  Who doesn't want good things to come to them?  They are hooks and way too general.
REMEMBER:  Not every psychic connects to every client.  Psychics are human and have good and bad days, so keep that in mind.  If you stick with most of these suggestions, your reading can be at worst helpful and at best enlightening.  Our Creator meant for us to have contact with him. He never meant for us to live without guidance.  Don't be afraid to use your psychic as a good tool to enrich your life.
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